Agile top detail

The agile top is a piece of weight-reducing clothing earned by completing 250 'perfect' (without failing) laps of the advanced Barbarian Outpost Agility course. When worn, it reduces the player's weight by 12 kg, making it the lightest item when equipped. Level 90 Agility is required to access the advanced barbarian course, but this item can be obtained by boosting one's Agility level.

This item can be helpful for use of the Ourania altar and The Abyss as it gives a broad range of defence to all different attack styles, and it reduces weight, allowing a runecrafter to run for longer periods of time.

Upon death, the Agile top will not appear at a player's gravestone, and must be reclaimed from Gunnjorn. It is free to reclaim the top, and additional laps will not need to be completed to do so.

It can be stored with the Agile Legs in the Armour Case of the Costume Room in a Player-owned House.

Combat Stats
Agile set equipped (male)Agile set equipped (female)
CombatSwords HybridTorso slotDefenceArmour72
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 1.05%
Style-Style bonuses

Obtaining the agile top

At one bite per lap, it will take between 130 and 170 summer pies to get 250 perfect laps if starting the course at level 85 Agility. These perfect laps do not need to be done consecutively. It's advised to get level 86 because one bite is needed per 2-3 laps, depending on how fast the player is. It is also advised to use a god banner, an abyssal lurker scroll, or the surefooted aura from Solomon's General Store.

When one has completed 250 laps without falling, they will get the following message in their chatbox: "You've completed 250 perfect laps! Speak to Gunnjorn to collect your reward." Speak to him before 250 laps are completed to find out the current lap count.


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