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This article is about the Agility skill. For information on training Agility, see Agility training.
Worlds Icon The official world for Community Agility Training is world 46 (P2P).
Release date 12 December 2002 (Update)
Members only Yes
Minimum level
for Hiscores
as of 12 Dec 2017
Players with
as of 16 Aug 2018
Players with 120 2,707
as of 27 Jan 2020
Players with
200M XP
as of 27 Jan 2020
Audio options icon
Agility 50 - 99
Walk over Log

A player using Agility to cross over a log.

Agility is a members skill which gives access to various shortcuts around RuneScape. A higher Agility level allows the player's energy to recharge quicker. More shortcuts become accessible as one's Agility level increases. Agility was released on 12 December 2002. The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 881,227) on the hiscores for Agility is level 15. As of 16 August 2018, there are 101,003 current members that have achieved level 99 in Agility.

Formerly, Members that entered a non-members' world would still receive the increased speed of run restoration as they would in a members world, but this is no longer the case as per the update of 9 June 2009. This update gave players an additional option to "rest" which restored the player's run energy much faster, as well as the addition of musicians, which allowed even faster restoration of run energy.

Furthermore, walking or standing still restored energy faster than before (as per the update), and energy potions would restore more run energy. However, this update also caused Agility to offer no extra benefits on Free-to-play worlds.


Course Level Approx. Time/Lap XP/Lap Max. XP/Hour
Burthorpe Agility Course 1 ~37.5 seconds 79.5 7,580
Gnome Stronghold Agility Course 1


86.5 8,650
Brimhaven Agility Arena 1 (However, 40 is recommended) 60 seconds per ticket Varies* 17,000*
Werewolf Skullball 25 ~150 seconds 750 18,000
Penguin Agility Course 30 ~160 seconds 540 12,000
Agility Pyramid 30 ~180 seconds 1014 20,000
Barbarian Outpost 35 ~30 seconds 139.5 16,740
Ape Atoll Agility Course 48 ~45 seconds 580 40,000
Wilderness Agility Course 52 ~45 seconds 571.5 45,000
Werewolf Agility Course 60 ~45 seconds 540 36,000
Bandos Agility Course 60 ~35 seconds 380** 40,000**
Ape Atoll Agility Course 75 ~45 seconds 580 45,000
Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course 80 ~160 seconds 2375 53,000††
Advanced Gnome Stronghold agility course 85 ~40 seconds 725 65,000
Advanced Barbarian Outpost course 90 ~38 seconds 740.7 72,068

The experience gained from completing a lap of the Hefin Agility Course increases every five levels.

The following experience rates are based on the time required to complete a full lap (43.8 seconds) without the Voice of Seren boost, or the use of any shortcuts:

Level 77 - 57863 XP/hour

Level 82 - 72328 XP/hour

Level 87 - 84857 XP/hour

Level 92 - 97315 XP/hour

Level 97 - 109150 XP/hour

*Based on 100 tickets traded at a time with no pillars missed and with no Karamja gloves bonus.

**However, ranged and strength experience will also be obtained.

If running the course both ways on the agility path.

††Based on (XP per lap / Approx. seconds per lap * 3600 = Avg XP per Hr)

--You can get 200 exp a minute (12000 / hour) using the rope swings, in the beginning of the Brimhaven Agility Arena. 20 exp / try. With an average of 3 seconds per attempt (with run toggled on).

The courses that do not give the optimal experience are the Penguin agility course (due to the long lap time) and the Werewolf Agility Course (there are other courses that offer better experience without taking much damage).

The XP/Hour does not include additional xp from The Pit.

Recommended items

  • Weight-reducing clothing:
    • An Agile top (Requires 35 Constitution and 35 Defence) obtained by completing the Extended Barbarian Course 250 times (Requires 90 Agility, or 85 with the use of Summer Pies). This reduces weight by 12 kg.
    • Agile legs (Requires 35 Constitution and 35 Defence) obtained by completing the Extended Gnome Course 250 times (Requires 85 Agility, or 80 with the use of Summer Pies). These reduce weight by 10 kg.
      File:Agile set male equipped.png
    • Boots of lightness obtained from the Temple of Ikov reduce 4.5 kg of weight (Anyone can get these boots; just bring a knife and light source and pick them up, no quests are required).
    • The Hunter skill's fur collection has fur that may be traded for weight reducing capes:
      • Spotted cape (requires level 40 Hunter to wear) 2.2 kg reduction.
      • Spottier Cape (requires level 66 Hunter to wear) 4.5 kg reduction.
    • Penance gloves from Barbarian Assault minigame reduces weight by 7.0 kg.
    • The Wicked robes are reward items from the Runespan that give weight reduction for the body, legs and cape slot without having to have a high Agility level to begin with like the Agile Top and Legs.
      • Wicked cape (Requires 30 Runecrafting) can be purchased for 2,500 points from Wizard Finix's Runespan shop and gives a 6 kg reduction.
      • Wicked robe bottom (Requires 55 Runecrafting) can be purchased for 7,500 points from Wizard Finix's Runespan shop and gives a 8 kg reduction.
      • Wicked robe top (Requires 80 Runecrafting) can be purchased for 15,000 points from Wizard Finix's Runespan shop and gives a 10 kg reduction.
  • Surefooted is a Tier 1 Aura that stops players from failing obstacle courses for 20 minutes. Has a cooldown period of two hours. This costs 5,000 loyalty points. Greater Surefooted is a Tier 2 Aura that stops players from failing obstacle courses for 40 minutes, and also has a cooldown period of two hours. Greater Surefooted can only be purchased if one already owns the Surefooted aura. The cost of upgrading Surefooted to Greater Surefooted is 12,000 loyalty points, adding this upgrade cost to the 5,000 loyalty points purchase price of Surefooted, the actual cost of Greater Surefooted is 17,000 loyalty points for the Surefooted aura plus the upgrade.
  • An Explorer's ring can restore run energy, the number of times daily that the Explorer's ring run boost (each boost provides 50% run energy boost) can be activated depends on which version of Explorer's ring you have (Explorer's ring 1- once daily; Explorer's ring 2 - twice daily; Explorer's ring 3 & 4 - three times daily).
  • One of the best foods to bring is Cake, as they heal 266 LP in 3 bites. Alternatively, baskets of Strawberries are effective as strawberries heal 7% LP each and baskets hold 5 of them, healing a total of 35% of your max LP per inventory space. They are also very light, weighing in as 0.1 kg per basket. Pineapple Pizza can be used; it is eaten in two bites and heals 1300 LP per inventory space. Summer pie heals 950 LP per bite (for a total of 1900 LP), restores run energy by 20, increases Agility temporarily by 5, and is weightless, thus one of the best choices for training agility. Watermelons can also be useful as each slice heals 5%+10 LP of your constitution level.
  • You can pick Pineapples south of the Brimhaven agility arena and then cut them into slices. They heal 200 LP each slice for a total of 800 LP.
  • A Regen Bracelet can be used to make trips longer because it triples the speed of normal health regeneration.

Agility courses

The training courses are identified with a running figure (Agility training map icon) on the map.

The player's Agility level is increased by training in various agility courses. It is helpful in nearly all agility courses to take Food in case of failure, or be done damage by obstacles. You do not have to worry about failing or bringing food for the first course because you cannot fail while training there. Energy potions or Super energy potions made using the Herblore skill (or bought from the Grand Exchange) allow running continually around the courses, thus gaining experience faster, however their benefit is significantly reduced after the rest update.

For each course a set amount of experience per obstacle completed is usually received, with a bonus reward for completing the course: In some cases this bonus reward makes up the majority of the experience gained for running the course.

On many courses, the amount of damage taken after failing an obstacle is based on remaining life points, so to conserve food; it is often worthwhile to keep the amount of life points fairly low (except at the Werewolf course). For example, falling into the lava may cause 120 points of damage in the Wilderness Agility Course with full life points, but only cause 60 with 200 life points remaining.

Gnome Stronghold course

Gnome agil icon

As it has no requirements, it is recommended that new Agility trainers begin here. It is located near the Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, north-west of Ardougne.

It is impossible to fail any of the obstacles at this course so no food is required, though some energy potions may be helpful for faster training. Whilst moving around the course, gnome trainers will shout insults and orders. Despite the simplicity of this course, the overall lack of sufficient experience gains makes it significantly less attractive for those of a higher level to train, thus this course is recommended for those just starting out. With few misclicks and no delays, this course yields roughly 9,000 Experience per hour.

Obstacle XP Gain
Log Balance 7.5
Net Climb 7.5
Branch Climb 5
Balancing Rope 7.5
Branch Climb 5
Net Climb 7.5
Tunnel 7.5
Agility Bonus 39
Total Gain 86.5

Advanced Gnome Stronghold Course

As of 22 June 2009, players with agility level 85 or above can gain access to another path in the course. Completing the course 250 times without failing (does not have to be consecutive) will give access to the Agile legs, weight-reducing armour that has a weight of -10 kg.

Note: You can do Gnome Advanced Agility with 80 Agility and using a Summer Pie.

Both the Agile top and the Agile legs require 35 Defence and 35 Constitution to wear.

A good lap time on this second course is 38.8 seconds (although 37.0 seconds is achievable with the shortest route on the pole swing section). If the Signpost run is failed, this adds a further 13 seconds to your time; At level 89 agility where there is no chance of failure, about 66,000 experience can be gained an hour. Note that if the Log Balance is skipped, full exp from the barrier jump is not gained, and it will not count as a completed lap, regardless of failure of the Signpost Run or not.

Part of the Extended Gnome agility course.

Obstacle XP Gain
Log Balance 7.5
Net Climb 7.5
Branch Climb 5
Branch Climb 25
Signpost Run 25
Pole swing 25
Barrier Jump 630
Total Gain 725

Brimhaven agility arena

Brimhaven Agility Symbol

To get to the Brimhaven Agility Arena go to Ardougne and take the boat to Brimhaven (fare of 30gp), or take the boat in Catherby to Brimhaven (fare of 480gp) - the boat arrives at a point which is a short walk away from the Brimhaven agility course entrance. Alternatively, one could take a ship from Port Sarim to Musa Point (fare of 30gp) and walk around the Karamja volcano. Access to the course costs 200gp on every visit, although the course is free after completion of the Rocking Out quest. A free way to get there quickly is by using the Lodestone Network on Karamja.

The Brimhaven agility arena is different from other agility training spots as it isn't necessarily a course. In the arena, tag pillars are separated by several agility-based obstacles, with an active pillar indicated by a flashing arrow. When two or more pillars are tagged consecutively, tickets are received, which are redeemable at Pirate Jackie the Fruit for various rewards. Regardless of whether pillars are tagged consecutively, the flashing arrow will move to a different pillar every 60 seconds. This makes the Brimhaven Agility Arena a very popular course on which to train Agility.

One obstacle is where darts come out of the pillar on the other side of the obstacle, and your player must duck to avoid them. It requires 40 agility to pass. If you are successful, a cut scene will occur where the view moves around your player. If you fail, you will take around 40 damage, your agility level will be lowered by 2, and a message will appear; You were hit by some darts. Something on them makes you feel dizzy! Because of this, lower Agility levels are suggested to bring Agility Potions.

Combining the experienced earned from agility arena tickets with the experience gained from obstacles, it is possible to earn 28,000 xp / hour. Also note that Karamja gloves 2 provide a 10% bonus to the experience earned while on the course as well as the experience gained from redeeming the tickets. This means as much as 30,800 xp / hour may be earned while wearing the gloves on this course.

It is recommended players save tickets received from this minigame, as 1,000 tickets (320,000 experience without gloves) cashed in at once can earn massive experience, often rewarding players with several levels at a time. At least 50,000 tickets can be held at one point in time, for a potential total of 17.6 million agility experience. 

Agility pyramid

Main article: Agility Pyramid
Pyramid agil icon

The Agility pyramid is located in the Kharidian Desert and is available with a minimum of level 30 Agility. This agility course differs from others in that along with the primary goal of completing the circuit, a secondary task of retrieving an artefact for an NPC may also be performed. This artefact can then be exchanged for 1,000 coins.

It is possible to earn as much as 20,000 exp / hour using this course, though it should be noted the desert effect (water draining) is persistent throughout the course and food as well as water (or an enchanted water tiara) is recommended. Heavy armour is highly discouraged and should be replaced with light robes.

Penguin agility course

Penguin agil icon

The Penguin agility course is located on the Iceberg, and requires an Agility level of 30. Players also need to complete the quest Cold War, and must be wearing the Penguin suit.

This course offers slightly higher experience than the Barbarian Agility Course, with a lower Agility level requirement. However, all four obstacles can be failed, so food and agility potions are recommended if the Agility level is low. Players are also recommended to bring Boots of lightness to decrease their weight as well as to run longer.

Completing the course earns about 12,000 experience per hour.

See the main article for more details.

Barbarian Outpost

Main article: Barbarian Outpost
Barbarian agil icon

The Barbarian Outpost Agility Training Area is available with level 35 Agility and completion of the Bar Crawl miniquest. This course is a lap-based obstacle course, similar to the Gnome Stronghold agility course. A completed lap yields 139.5 Agility experience. Food is recommended as obstacles may be failed consecutively, quickly depleting life points and food stashes for the ill-prepared.

Obstacle XP Gain
Entrance Tunnel 10
Rope Swing 22
Balance Log 13.7
Net 8.2
Balance Ledge 22
Wall climb (1) 13.7 (1)
Agility Bonus 46.2
Total Gain 139.5

The games necklace can be used to as a form of quick travel. One of the necklaces options are to teleport to the Barbarian Assault which is near the course. The necklaces are low level crafting and enchanting making them easy to obtain, as well as fairly cheap.

A skilled runner can complete the course in about 31 seconds, yielding about 16,000 exp/hour.


  • Some parts of the course can be repeated solely, so as to keep a continue path on a 'safe' obstacle rather than making full rounds.
  • The course may be entered with 32 Agility, and use of an Agility Potion.

Advanced Barbarian Outpost Course

This is one of the two extended/advance Agility courses released on 22 June 2009. It requires 90 Agility to use. After completing 250 laps of this course without falling/failing, shows the confirmation: "You've completed 250 perfect laps! Speak to Gunnjorn to collect your reward."

Note: You can do Advanced Barbarian Agility with 85 Agility and using a Summer Pie.

An Agile Top is rewarded. It reduces weight by 12 kg. Both the Agile top and Agile legs require 35 Defence and 35 Constitution to wear.

Part of the Extended Barbarian agility course.

Obstacle XP Gain
Rope Swing 22
Balance Log 13.7
Wall Run 15
Wall Climb 15
Crossbow Gap Cross 15
Balance Beam 15
Gap Jump 15
Roof Slide 15
Bonus 615
Full Lap 740.7

A perfect lap time of the advanced course is 37.0 seconds, which at level 92 agility is impossible to fail. This totals to a maximum of 72,068 xp an hour. This is assuming the player continues to average 37.0 seconds per lap for the full hour.

This is the best Agility experience in the game, followed by Gnome Advanced Course which ends up a few thousand less experience per hour. This assumes requirements necessary for the course.

Ape Atoll

Apeatoll agil icon

The Ape Atoll agility course is available with an Agility level of 48 or higher and completion of the Monkey Madness quest. A Ninja greegree is required to begin the lap-based obstacle course. One completed lap gives 580 experience.

Obstacle XP Gain
Stepping Stone 40
Climbing Tree 40
Monkey Bars 40
Skull Slope Cliff Climb 60
Rope Swing 100
Zip Vine 100
Bonus 200
Total Gain 580

Hint: This place is ideal for the Surefooted aura as players 48-70 can get the max exp rate for 20 min which is around 16-18k exp. This is an easy 1-3 lvls for 20min for work and is highly recommended for agility levels 48+.

Upon reaching 75 agility none of the obstacles on the course are failed, thus making this course a decent way to train agility at higher levels. However, the Extended Agility Courses (Gnome,Barbarian) provide better experience per hour at level 85. At level 69 agility you will fail obstacles in the Ape Atoll agility course so infrequently, that if one equips a Regen Bracelet, then no food should be required.

The Ape Atoll course maxes at approximately 53,000 experience per hour at 75 and higher Agility with laps of about 39.4 seconds (65 ticks). Around 35,000 experience per hour can be gained with 60 Agility. To make it easier to click on the hot spots, turn your compass so the "N" is at about 27 or 28 minutes past the hour, as if it were a clock. Since the update of 22 June 2009, higher levels do not need energy potions as energy is regained.

Another notable benefit of this course is the pineapple tree growing to the west of the hut on which the zip vine is attached. Unlike other pineapple plants, this plant gives only one pineapple at a time but respawns at about the same amount of time as it takes to complete a single lap. Instead of bringing food, a knife can be brought to make pineapple slices. Each slice heals 200 life points, each pineapple produces four slices, for a total of 800 life points healed. Failing to make a jump on this course causes damage depending on the amount of life points had at the time: For example, the more LP, the more damage received. For those who do not wish to carry food, which will drain their run faster, this is a good idea.

Also, descending the hole in the northern part of the agility course after the rope swing during the King Awowogei subquest of Recipe for Disaster, you can get a supply of Tchiki Monkey Nuts which heal 50 life points. To get more than one, pick one, then drop it, pick another, and repeat. This is a better alternative than pineapple slices if you are in the middle of the quest.

Note: In the building just north of the course (the one with all the boxes), you can search a box for some iron scimitars. Take a few of these, sell them at the scimitar shop then head over to the food shop. You can buy Monkey Nuts for approximately 3 coins a piece and they weigh nothing, where as the knife in the method above does.

Wilderness course

Wildy agil icon
File:WildernessAC map.png

The wilderness course requires level 52 Agility to enter, although a temporary agility boost (e.g. with an Agility potion) is sufficient to enter the course. After the entry, there are no agility constraints on using the course, making it one of the fastest agility experience gaining methods. Its only problem is location, level 50-53 Wilderness: other players can attack you within. This Agility Course gives roughly 44k experience an hour, considering you complete the course in 40 seconds without failing. You may receive more experience with experience boosting items like the Penance Horn or a pair of Brawling Gloves (Agility).

One completed lap gives 571.5 Agility experience.

Obstacle XP Gain
Obstacle pipe 12.5
Ropeswing 20
Stepping stones 20
Log balance 20
Rock climb 0
Agility Bonus 499
Total Gain 571.5


  • Bring food to peak average rounds.
  • Agility potions will increase speeds, generally achieving more rounds per trip. Summer pies can also be used for this effect.
  • Staying on the lunar or ancient magick spellbook will allow high magic teleportation back to the location upon death.
  • If the player needs to go to a bank for food or wants to teleport out then go to the Mage Arena bank, the player can withdraw food and other items they might need, and since its no longer part of wilderness the player can safely teleport. (The player should be sure that he/she was not teleblocked by another player or else the player will be unable to teleport inside the Mage Arena.)

Werewolf course

Werewolf agil icon
File:Werewolf agility location.png

The Werewolf Agility Course is located between Port Phasmatys and Canifis in the swamps of Morytania. To gain entrance, you must have completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest and be wearing a Ring of Charos. Although the course is due east of Canifis, swamps block the direct route. Instead, it can be reached by going South-east of Mazchna the Slayer Master, who can be found north-east of the city. The entrance to the course is a small hut in the swamp. A Werewolf guards the hut; speak to him when wearing the ring and then climb down the ladder to enter the courses there. (Werewolf Skullball is also located here.) The Werewolf Agility Course requires level 60 Agility.

When players start the course (by jumping onto the stepping stones), the nearby trainer will throw a stick. Carry on over the jumps and through the pipe and pick up the stick. Players will gain an additional 190 experience if they return the stick to the trainer at the bottom of the death-slide.

The only obstacle players can fail on this course is the death-slide. However, this can cause up to 300 damage, and players with low life points are at risk of death. Strength level has no affect on failure rate. A very low weight(preferably in the negatives) is highly effective, so take any weight reducing equipment if possible. Consider bringing low-weight food items. The course is so short, super energy potions aren't necessary.

You will gain 350 experience for a successful lap, plus another 190 experience if you retrieved the stick for a total of 540 experience per lap, which makes it one of the best sources of agility experience from level 60-70.

Players can take significantly more damage from falling as opposed to the wilderness course, so they have to return to the bank more often. However, this course lacks the possibility of pkers.

Obstacle XP Gain
Stepping Stones 50
Hurdles 60
Tunnels 15
Skull Slope 25
Deathslide 200
Agility Bonus 190
Total Gain 540

For very fast runners, this course can max out at around 50,000 XP/hr.


  • At level 72 Agility, players will fail the death-slide so infrequently that food is no longer necessary.
  • In order to do fast runs, you can gain time on the Stepping Stones. Namely, you can click on the next stone while you're jumping to the previous one, in this way your character can obtain a maximum xp/h.

Bandos course

Main article: Bandos agility course

The Bandos agility course is located in the Bandos throne room and can be accessed after The Chosen Commander quest is completed. It requires a minimum of 60 agility, ranged and strength.

Dorgesh-Kaan course

Dorgesh-Kaan agility map

The Dorgesh-Kaan agility course.

Cave gobbo agil icon2

The Dorgesh-Kaan course was opened with the 20 March 2007 update. Originally the requirement to access it was 70 agility, however the update on 22 June 2009 increased the level requirement to 80. In addition, it requires completion of the quest Death to the Dorgeshuun, and a light source. The course can be used to train Agility, Ranged, or split for both skills. The basic premise of the course is to cross obstacles using one of two routes to retrieve an item requested by the goblin Turgall. Either path can also be used to return an item to Turgall, who will bestow an experience bonus depending on which route the player used to depart and return. In order to train Ranged, a mithril grapple and appropriate crossbow will be required, along with 80 Strength and 80 Ranged. The course looms above the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon. Taking the longer route (no grapple) takes about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Route Time Agility Experience Ranged Experience
Agility course both ways 2.40 2375 0
Agility course there, grapple route return, or vice-versa 2.30 1444 625
Grapple route both ways 1.49 108 1250
Heavy Items Name
Cog Cog
Lever (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course) Lever
Power box Powerbox
Light Items Name
Capacitor Capacitor
File:Fuse.png Fuse
Meter Meter


  • A fairy ring AJQ is present at the eastern end of the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon which is just below the agility course. The ladder to the agility course is north-west of the ring.
  • A Mining helmet weighs less than a lantern, and should have no chance to become extinguished by accident. The Seers' Headband is lighter still and will never go out.
  • It is estimated that you can obtain up to 57,000 xp per hour (24.0 laps) on the agility route. However, in practice, sometimes you will fail and you will not be able to do every single lap perfectly. At 80-85 agility, 52,000 xp per hour on average is estimated.
  • For a short time after the 22 June 2009 update, Jagex lowered the experience from 2750 to 2100. By the next day they increased it back up to 2375. Now Dorgesh-Kaan is a better place to train than Ape Atoll for levels 80-85.


Werewolf Skullball

Main article: Werewolf Skullball
Skull ball agil icon

Skull ball is played in the Werewolf agility area east of Canifis. You need to be wearing the Ring of Charos gained through the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest. You must also have a minimum of level 25 Agility.

To play, talk to the Skullball boss at the start of the course. From there, you must kick the ball through a course of 10 obstacles. To kick the ball, right click on it and select how far you want to kick it. A tap advances the ball 1 space away from you, a kick is 4 spaces, and shoot is 10 spaces. You also have the option of having the map highlight the goal.

When you successfully get the ball through the final obstacle, you will get a reward based on your time. If it is under 4 minutes, you will gain the maximum 750 experience. Any more and the experience becomes less.

Gnome Ball

Main article: Gnome Ball

Gnome Ball is a small members only minigame in which one or more players aim to score goals against gnomes. This is done by throwing the gnome ball into the goal. Ranged experience is gained each time you throw the ball, you get Ranged and Agility experience when you score a goal too. When you enter the field, you should talk to the referee to get the rules, and how to play.

Toy Mouse

Main article: Toy mouse

Players can make a Toy Mouse on a Crafting Table in their house or bought from a player who can make it. Winding, releasing and catching it will give you 3 Agility experience each time. It is also randomly obtained while using Ava's Accumulator, but it is quite rare.

Penguin Suit

Main article: Clockwork Suit (Penguin Suit)

Like the Toy Mouse players are able to 'wind' and 'release' penguin suits giving 12.5xp each time (including when you fail to capture it), giving up to 75K exp/hr. This can be crafted with one steel bar, a plank and silk using a Crafting Table 3. Please visit the main article above for more information.

Blast Furnace

Main article: Blast Furnace

The multi-player blast Furnace minigame has a facility to operate a belt to transport ores into the furnace. This gives a modest amount of agility experience. See the relevant page for more details.

Barbarian Fishing

By catching leaping fish near the Baxtorian Falls you will also receive a small amount of Agility XP. Depending on the fish this will give 5-7 Agility for every fish you catch. A minimum Fishing level of 48 and a minimum Strength and Agility level of 15 is needed to train there. See the Fishing guide for more information.

Livid Farm

Main article: Livid Farm

The Livid Farm has an activity which requires you to Energise Pauline. The spell Energise costs 2 law runes, 1 nature rune and 3 astral runes, and you will receive 169.7 Agility XP. With this method you can obtain 6109 Agility XP/h at a cost of 100,440 gp/h if working at maximum activity.

Training for skill pures

As Monkey Madness cannot be accomplished by a player under level 15, pures may want to do most of their training at the Brimhaven Agility Arena. The agility arena offers modest experience averaging at only around 10,000 experience per hour. However the tickets awarded for playing the game can be cashed in every 1000 for 320,000 experience. Assuming you miss no tickets, you can take in 59 tickets per hour (ticket changes every minute, first pillar not included). All traps on the course will do damage of 10% of your current LP if you fail, so bring some cakes (restore/Super restore potions or Agility potions if attempting the darts) and keep an eye on your health (it is recommended for players with 40 agility+).

Previously, before the update reinstating free trade, skill pures could effectively train at the Wilderness Agility Course due to the low chance of encountering a revenant which would be able to attack them. This method could achieve about 40,000 experience per hour provided extra caution was taken to avoid death. However, post 1 February 2011 (with the Old Wilderness returned and revenants banished to the Forinthry Dungeon), training at the Wilderness Agility Course for skill pures comes with the usual risks of skill-training in a player-vs-player-area.

At present, it is also possible for a skill pure to complete the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest, as Prayer (necessary for the pre-requisite quests) does not affect combat level under the EOC combat formula. The only combat in the quest, killing an Experiment, can be accomplished using the Saradomin brews/Ring of Recoil method. However, with proposed changes to the combat formula later in the year, this is likely to change. Therefore, anyone training prayer to do the quest and thus unlock the Werewolf Agility Course should do so at their own risk.

Recommended courses

  • Ape atoll should only be used by players lvl 48-70 when the surefoot aura is equipped, otherwise failure is extremely common.

Since the courses offer similar experience, most players will prefer the Ape Atoll course since it is safer. However, people with Brawling gloves (agility) will prefer the Wilderness Agility Course since it offers quadruple the regular experience



Main article: Shortcuts

Shortcuts are identified with a twisting green arrow icon (Shortcut map icon) on the minimap.

Log balance icon detail

Normal Shortcuts

Level Obstacle Location Description Xp
1 Stile Various Free players can use these, but do not receive any Agility experience. Members on the other hand do. 3
5 Climbing rocks North wall of Yanille Just east of watchtower. Only accessible from south side. No shortcut icon on minimap. 25
5 Crumbling wall Falador Right next to the west bank. Provides easy access to the areas south of Taverley. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 0.5
10 Rope swing West Brimhaven Provides access to small island with Moss Giants and respawns of two slices of cake. 3
12 Stepping stones Brimhaven Dungeon A shortcut deeper into the dungeon. Just west of the entrance. 3
13 Small hole Lumbridge cellar Need to go through to progress in the Lost Tribe quest. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 0
15 Monkey bars Edgeville Dungeon Provides access to the Earth Warriors. 20
15 Rock climb Cairn Isle Provides access to the bridge. 1
15 Bridge Cairn Isle Provides access to the isle. Failing makes you have to redo the rock climb as well. 10
15 Rocks Trollheim / Death Plateau Allows travel around Trollheim. Only route to access the troll named Dad for the first time is via these rocks (also, as defeating the troll named Dad is one of the requirements for accessing the God Wars Dungeon the first time, this shortcut is necessary for unlocking the God Wars Dungeon). ?
16 Underwall tunnel Yanille Near the Watchtower. Gives easy access to Yanille from the teleport point. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 0
18 Trellis North watchtower in Yanille Click the trellis to ascend to the second level of the Watchtower (used in the Watchtower quest). Has no shortcut icon on minimap. 31
20 Log balance West of Seers' Village Near the coal trucks. Provides easier access between the mining spot and the pick-up location near Seers' Village 8.5
21 Underwall tunnel Grand Exchange North-west corner of the Grand Exchange. Gives easier access to Edgeville and the canoe transport system. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 0
22 Pipe squeeze Brimhaven Dungeon Provides easier access to the Moss Giants. Just west of the entrance. 8.5
25 Rope climb Agility pyramid Shortcut to Scabarite dungeon. Players must manually set it up during the Dealing with Scabaras quest. 0
25 Rock climb Eagles' Peak Shortcut from Eagles' Peak to area west of it. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 1
26 Underwall tunnel Falador South-west corner of Falador. Provides easier travel between the west bank and Rimmington, as well as the Crafting Guild. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 0
28 Fence Squeeze West fence of Draynor Manor Located next to the belladonna patch. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 0
29 Rock passage North wall of Oo'glog Provides faster entrance when coming from the North. 0
30 Stepping stones Brimhaven Dungeon Allows access to the Red Dragons. 0
31 Stepping stones Near Draynor Manor Allows you to cross the River Lum between the Manor and Varrock. There's a chance of taking a small amount of damage when using this shortcut. 3 xp,
1 xp if failed
32 Rock slide East Cairn Isle Allows access to Cairn Isle from Karamja Island. 0
33 Log balance Ardougne Allows easy passage across the river. There's a chance of taking a small amount of damage when using this shortcut. 4 xp,
2 xp if failed
34 Pipe squeeze Brimhaven Dungeon Allows passage between the Red dragon and Black demon rooms. 10
37 Fallen Tree North-east of the Grand Tree Allows easy access to Barbarian Outpost and the Lighthouse. Must have completed The Grand Tree. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 0
38 Rocks Al Kharid Allows easy access into the desert mining area from the north end. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 0
40 Balancing ledge Yanille Agility dungeon Gives access to the Chaos druid warriors. Drops you into a pit of Poison spiders if you fail. 22
41 Rocks Trollheim Allows easier travel around Trollheim. 0
42 Narrow crevice Dwarven mine Provides a shortcut between the two arms of the mine. 0
43 Rocks Trollheim Allows easier travel around Trollheim. 0
44 Rocks Trollheim Allows easier travel around Trollheim. 0
45 Log balance Tirannwn Allows passage between different parts of the forest. 0
46 Narrow walkway Zanaris Provides faster travel to the Cosmic altar. There's a chance of taking a small amount of damage when using this shortcut. 10
47 Rocks Trollheim Allows easier travel around Trollheim. 0
48 Log balance North of Camelot Provides faster travel between Camelot and Fremennik province. There's a chance of taking a small amount of damage when using this shortcut. 0
49 Pipe squeeze Yanille Agility dungeon Provides access to the Sinister chest. There's a chance of taking a small amount of damage when using this shortcut. 0
50 Slide Grotworm Lair Takes players to the lowest level of the lair, where mature grotworms reside, close to the entrance to the Queen Black Dragon. Warning: one aggressive grotworm spawns right at the bottom end of the slide. 0
51 Pipe squeeze Varrock Sewers/Edgeville Dungeon Allows passage between east Edgeville Dungeon and Moss Giants in Varrock Sewers. There's a chance of taking a small amount of damage when using this shortcut. 0
57 Monkey bars Yanille Agility dungeon Provides access to the Chaos druids deeper in the dungeon and a lockpick respawn. There's a chance of failing this shortcut and falling into a lower level crawling with poisonous spiders. 18
58 Weathered wall Ectofuntus Provides faster travel down to the pool of slime. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 0
59 Rocks Arandar Allows faster travel around Arandar. 0
60 Rocks God Wars Dungeon Shortcut between God Wars Dungeon and Trollheim. There's a chance of taking a small amount of damage when using this shortcut. 0
62 Narrow crevice Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Shortcut between Basilisk area and Turoth area. 0
64 Rocks Trollheim Shortcut from Trollheim to level 20 Wilderness, but not back. 0
65 Loose railing River Salve Shorter path from Varrock to Canifis. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 0
65 Jutting Wall Meiyerditch dungeon Shortcut from Myreque shortcut to Meiyerditch dungeon and the Blood altar. There's a chance of taking a small amount of damage when using this shortcut. 0
66 Narrow walkway Zanaris Much faster travel to the Cosmic altar. There's a chance of taking a small amount of damage when using this shortcut. 10
67 Pile of rubble Yanille Agility dungeon Access to Salarin the Twisted. 6
68 Rocks Arandar Allows faster travel around Arandar. It is believed the shortcut cannot be failed and has no chance of causing damage. 0
70 Pipe squeeze Taverley Dungeon Quick passage between the entrance and the Blue dragon area. There's a chance of taking a small amount of damage when using this shortcut. 10
71 Plank Slayer Tower Allows access to the last floor and the Abyssal demons and Gargoyles there. 10
74 Stepping Stone Shilo Village Shortcut allows you to cross the river in Shilo, making it useful for fly fishing. 1.25
77 Gap Kethsi Shortcut allows you to access a little more of Kethsi, and is required for completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat. 2
80 Strange floor Taverley Dungeon Shortcut between the entrance and the Poison spider area. 12.5
81 Chasm Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Shortcut between the Cave crawler area and the Pyrefiend area. There's a chance of taking a small amount of damage when using this shortcut. 0
85 Rocks Arandar Allows faster travel around Arandar. 0
86 Wall Kuradal's Dungeon Shortcut between the southern caverns and the central cavern containing the Metal dragons 6
90 Wall Kuradal's Dungeon Shortcut between the central cavern containing the metal dragon and the northern caverns 6

Grapple shortcuts

NOTE: Grapples will occasionally break after use.

Ranged Level Obstacle Location Description Xp

Required for Storage*

8 19 37 Broken raft

South of Lumbridge**

Provides a quicker route between Lumbridge Swamp and Al Kharid. 15 4 oak planks and a steel crossbow
11 37 19 Wall Falador Faster access from Falador to north entrance of Dwarven mines and Gunnarsgrunn. 0 4 planks, 4 nails and a bronze crossbow
32 35 35 Rock

East Catherby***

Allows easier passage from Catherby to Taverley. One way. 15 4 oak planks and an iron crossbow
36 22 39 Grapple Tree North of Water Obelisk Allows travel to Catherby from the Water obelisk island. One way. 15 4 teak planks and a mithril crossbow
39 38 21 Wall South-west of Yanille Provides easier access to Gu'Tanoth and southern areas. 15 4 planks, 4 nails and a bronze crossbow
53 21 42 Rock Karamja Provides easier travel between the Karamja volcano area and lower Karamja. 0 4 mahogany planks and a mithril crossbow
*Note that a hammer, a saw, and a grapple are required for all storage.
**If this shortcut was built before the 15 March 2011 update, you will be able to check the hidey hole for a note and 25 teak planks.
***If you plan on building a Hidey Hole for the shortcut in East Catherby, you should be on the Catherby side, and to build the Hole you have to use the option up on the cliff, and you will build it on the rocks behind you.

Skill benefits

As of the 19 January 2010 update, Fishing, Hunter, and Thieving received agility-related updates and bonuses.


A high agility level gives a small chance to catch two Tunas, Swordfish, or Sharks instead of one when Fishing. There’s no additional experience when this occurs. The requirement to catch two are: 35 for tuna, 50 for swordfish, and 76 for sharks. This ability does not work for Baron sharks.


A high agility level gives a chance to pickpocketing double, triple, or even quadruple the usual amount of loot when Thieving. There’s no additional experience when this occurs.

For the chance to pickpocket double the standard loot, the following conditions must be met:

  1. You have at least 10 Thieving levels higher than the minimum Thieving level required to pickpocket the npc, and
  2. Your Agility level is equal to the minimum Thieving level required to pickpocket the npc.

In addition,

  • For the chance to pickpocket 3 times the loot, you need 10 additional agility levels and 10 additional thieving levels more than the double-loot formula.
  • For the chance to pickpocket 4 times the loot, you need 20 additional agility levels and 20 additional thieving levels more than the double-loot formula.


Players with 'exceptionally' high agility and Hunter levels (75+ agility and 80+ hunter for the Ruby butterfly, 80+ agility and 85+ hunter for the Sapphire butterfly, 85+ agility and 90+ hunter for the Snowy Knight butterfly and 90+ agility and 95+ hunter for the Black Warlock butterfly) can catch butterflies without using Butterfly nets. They catch butterflies in the palm of their hands before releasing them. Catching butterflies this way results in 'a large dose' of hunter experience and a little extra agility experience too.

Temporary boosts

Image Name Boost Level to obtain/use Notes
Power-up Clan Citadel Battlefield (m) 10 N/A The player must walk on the power-up to activate it.
Agility potion (4) Agility potion 3 Herblore-icon 34 A standard potion.
Summer pie Summer pie 5 Cooking-icon 95 Also heals 950 per bite.
Spicy stew Yellow spicy stew -6 to +6 Cooking-icon 25 The two extremities are extremely rare, so don't expect them to show up.
Tireless run scroll Tireless Run 2 Summoning-icon 52 The Spirit terrorbird's special move. Doesn't stack.
Abyssal stealth scroll Abyssal Stealth 4 Summoning-icon 62 The Abyssal lurker's special move. Doesn't stack.
Agility cape Agility cape 1 Agility-icon 99 Requires Skill mastery to equip.
Banner of Armadyl
Banner of Bandos
Banner of Saradomin
Banner of Seren
Banner of Sliske
Banner of Zamorak
Banner of Zaros
Banner of the Godless
God banner 5 N/A Requires pledging allegiance to one of the god factions and completing the relevant set of tasks assigned by that god's emissary. Can only be used once a day for 30 minutes.

  • Operating or equipping the Agility cape will boost Agility by 1 level for up to 1 minute.

Skill mastery

Agility Emote

A player wearing an Agility cape (t) and performing the Skillcape emote.

Level 99 as with all other skills (excluding Dungeoneering) is the highest level you can achieve on agility. The first person to achieve this was Thehate on the 23rd March 2003.

The Agility skillcape is dark blue with a red trim if the player has more than one 99. It is also the only skillcape in the game that still has the very old symbol on it. The cape can be purchased from Capn' Izzy No-Beard at the Brimhaven Agility Arena for 99,000gp, and you also get a matching hood.

The agility emote shows a person jumping from one brown pole to another then sliding down a third. This emote had a glitch where people threw snowballs at a person doing the emote causing them to lose their brown poles.

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