Bandages (Fist of Guthix)
This is a safe Distraction and Diversion.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.
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Agoroth is a large Crassian and the final boss of the novice quest A Shadow over Ashdale, who emerges from the Empress after you have defeated four of his tentacles. He has a maximum of 39,600 life points (scaled with the player's level), and can be fought weekly after the quest as a Distraction and Diversion.

His attacks include a water jet that knocks players to the back of the boat where the boss fight is situated, where his large tentacles will deal 1/10th of the player's maximum life points per hit. He also has a typeless melee attack, where he attacks with his claws, that hits for 1/30th of the player's maximum life points. The water jet only sprays one half of the boat and can be avoided by moving to the other side. The water jet attack does 1/30th of the player's maximum life points each hit.

After half his health has depleted, Agoroth may temporarily shield himself from attacks and spray acid from above, dealing 1/6th of the player's max life points on contact. The shield blocks direct damage from player, however area of effect attacks (such as Death Swiftness or Sunshine) and damage over time effects (such as Combust or Dismember) may continue to harm him. The damage from acid sprays can be avoided by running away from shaded spots. Players can also run up the ladders at the rear of the ship to be shielded from all attacks, including the tentacles.

After the quest, Agoroth may be fought again in the Ashdale Caves by accessing the Dead Man's chest. Entering the caves after the quest will bring the player directly to the Agoroth boss room and the Dead Man's Chest will be placed prominently in front of the player. Successfully defeating Agoroth again grants a listed reward that may go up to 41,290, or a Black pearl that provides bonus experience equivalent to a Prismatic medium fallen star in the skill of the player's choice. The reward can be claimed by searching the chest again after the fight. Non-members are only able to kill Agoroth once per week, while members are able to kill him twice per week.

The fight is safe; if killed, players will respawn on the ship at the beginning of the fight, but if all four tentacles are already killed they do not have to be killed again. Although players cannot leave the ship until Agoroth is killed, players can go up the stairs to the section at the back and then exit to the lobby to escape the fight.


  • The music that plays while battling Agoroth, although it is unnamed, is the 'Vorago' track that you unlock in Vorago's Borehole.
  • Agoroth was updated with the update of March 19 2018 with new sounds for his attacks and an updated health bar that now shows his remaining life points.
  • Defeating Agoroth before the 21st September 2015, gave players half the coins.
  • On some accounts (even when maxed) there may be a visual glitch in the rewards interface, showing for instance that the maximum bonus XP from a black pearl is 12,359. However, when redeeming the pearl they will get the reward listed by Prismatic medium fallen star.
  • Also, the reward may indicate a distinct monetary profit of 41,290 Coins like for example 25,078 coins. Unfortunately, the coins received are as displayed even when they show less than 41,290 coins. It is unknown what accounts for differences or if it's simply a bug.
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