Air Guitar
Air Guitar emote icon
Release date 5 February 2008 (Update)
Members Yes
Sound Yes
Enhancer No
Duration 4 seconds
Requirements Unlocked at least 500 songs
Air Guitar

The Air Guitar emote requires a player to unlock at least 500 songs in the RuneScape Music Player, and it features the player rocking out on an air guitar. The emote even plays 5 notes when activated. The player must have been a member to have unlocked the number of music tracks required. However, a former member can perform this emote on an free-to-play world if said player has already fulfilled the 500 track criteria.

Players trying to get 500 songs should do quests or train Dungeoneering; there are 10 "combat tracks" plus several boss tracks in each floor environment, making it a fast way to unlock this emote.

Ardougne Tasks - Living on a Prayer requires players to perform the Air Guitar emote near the musician southeast of the monastery south of Ardougne.

A Cape of Accomplishment, instead of an emote, was the original plan for the reward for unlocking 500+ music tracks. An emote was decided instead.[1]

Audio options icon
Air Guitar
Plays when the emote is performed.


  • Upon unlocking the 500th track, players get the message "You've unlocked 500 music tracks and can use a new emote!".
  • The guitar pictured in the emote's icon appears to be a Gibson Explorer.


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