Air spells (formerly wind spells) may refer to:

Icon Spell Type Base damage Spellbook Runes
1 Air Strike icon Air Strike Strike spell 48 Standard 1Air rune
17 Air Bolt icon Air Bolt Bolt spell 163 Standard 2Air rune
41 Air Blast icon Air Blast Blast spell 393 Standard 3Air rune
62 Air Wave icon Air Wave Wave spell 595 Standard 4Air rune
81 Air Surge icon Air Surge Surge spell 768 Standard 5Air rune
50 Smoke Rush Smoke Rush Rush spell 480 Ancient 1Death rune3Air rune
62 Smoke Burst Smoke Burst Burst spell 595 Ancient 2Death rune4Air rune
74 Smoke Blitz Smoke Blitz Blitz spell 710 Ancient 1Blood rune5Air rune
75 Opal Aurora Opal Aurora Aurora Spell 803 Ancient 2Soul rune3Air rune
86 Smoke Barrage Smoke Barrage Barrage spell 825 Ancient 2Blood rune5Air rune
(and Slayer 55)
Slayer Dart icon Slayer Dart Special 480 Standard 1Death rune3Air rune
Slayer's staffSlayer's staff or
Staff of lightStaff of light
60 Divine Storm Divine Storm Combat spell 576 Standard 5Air rune
77 Storm of Armadyl Storm of Armadyl Combat spell 739 Standard 1Armadyl rune
80 Polypore Strike icon Polypore Strike Special 768 All Polypore staffPolypore staff


Air spells are one of the possible weaknesses that monsters may have. Monsters with this weakness are especially prone to damage from any spell on this list. These monsters have a secondary weakness to magic, in addition to the primary air weakness.

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