Air talisman detail

The air talisman is an item that allows players to enter the Air altar. At the altar, the player can use the Runecrafting skill to turn rune essence or pure essence into air runes.

Air Altar location

Also at the air altar, an air talisman can be combined with a silver tiara to make an air tiara for 25 Runecrafting experience, by using the tiara on the altar while having an air talisman in inventory. This consumes the talisman, but the air tiara can be used the same as an air talisman and can be worn, opening an inventory slot to carry another essence.

Air talismans can be used to create combination runes. The talisman is consumed when used as the 'secondary' talisman to make these runes.

An air talisman is consumed in conjunction with a Water talisman as tertiary items in creating an Ice titan pouch for the Summoning skill. Before ice titans were released, air talismans were relatively cheap to purchase. They then became expensive, often costing thousands of coins. They became cheap again following the release of the reintroduction of free trade.

The player received an air talisman at the end of the old version of the Rune Mysteries quest.

Apprentice Clara in Burthorpe also has a free air talisman in her shop.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Abyssal guardian791Uncommon
Abyssal leech721Uncommon
Abyssal walker771Uncommon
Air wizard161Rare
Baby implingN/A1Very rare
Casket (CS Week)N/A1Unknown
Cave goblin11Uncommon
Corpse archer181Rare
Corpse mage211Rare
Dagannoth (Waterbirth Island)78; 791Uncommon
Dagannoth (Waterbirth Island, ranged)78; 791Rare
Desert strykewyrm1031Uncommon
Dragith Nurn261Rare
Drunken man51Uncommon
Frost dragon1122Uncommon
Giant rock crab951Uncommon
Giant spider2; 33; 391Rare
Goblin 1; 2; 4; 5; 6; 7; 11; 841Common
Goblin guard (Observatory)281Common
Ice strykewyrm1061Rare
Imp51Very rare
Jungle strykewyrm931Rare
Man1; 2; 41Uncommon
Rock lobster1001Uncommon
Skeleton (Lumbridge Catacombs)151Rare
Spirit implingN/A4Unknown

Combining the Air talisman

Air talisman
Air talisman
+ Tiara
Air tiara
Air tiara
Air talisman
Air talisman
+ Runecrafting staff
Runecrafting staff
Air talisman staff
Air talisman staff


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  • On the day the Falador Tasks were released, Air talismans would not buy easily in the Grand Exchange and players had to wait for one to buy.
  • Air talismans were required as an easy Falador Task to make an Air tiara. This has since been changed to making a Mind tiara.
  • Before an update, during the Rune Mysteries quest players could use the drop trick to receive multiple air talismans from Duke Horacio. This could only be done if the player had started the quest and had not finished the part where the player showed the air talisman to Wizard Sedridor. This led to Jagex changing the air talisman in the quest to a Talisman, which has no use other than in the quest.

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