For the Barrows Brother, see Akrisae the Doomed.
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Akrisae Kolluym is a priest and cleric of Saradomin. He is also involved in some fashion with the Temple Knights and is possibly a Temple Knight himself. He seems to be the Temple Knights' representative in the loose alliance between the knights, the Guardians of Armadyl, and the Crux Eqal, groups that are trying to hinder Lucien's evil schemes.

Akrisae is found in the White Knights' Castle in Falador, in the room with the jail cell in the eastern part of the castle's ground floor. During While Guthix Sleeps, Akrisae provides information and direction for the player. He also switches the player with Surok Magis later on. Interestingly, although he teleblocks the jail cell so that Surok cannot escape, players can freely teleport out of the cell after the quest.

He also plays a role in the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest, assisting the player, Sir Tiffy Cashien and Idria.


Akrisae becomes Barrows brother

Akrisae becomes a slave to Sliske.

During Ritual of the Mahjarrat, he gives four teleorbs to teleport away the Stone of Jas, and heals Sir Tiffy Cashien and Idria during the fight at the Ritual plateau.

Towards the end of the quest, Akrisae intercepts a spell from Sliske aimed at turning the player into the seventh Barrows brother, resulting in him taking the player's place, becoming Akrisae the Doomed (ironically, Akrisae was frightened of the Mahjarrat, though as the player states not all Mahjarrat are evil). When looting the chest in the Barrows activity, players may find some of his equipment.

Eventually, Akrisae would be freed of Sliske's control after the latter's death during Sliske's Endgame. It is presumed that he stays with the Barrows brothers.


  • On 4 January 2012, the Barrows were given a graphical update. At the same time, Akrisae's outfit was changed to match his new Barrows armour.
  • Akrisae seems to have access to Lunar Magics, since he uses Heal Other to heal people in battle.


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