Aksel's permission (sword) detail

Aksel's permission (sword) is an item received from Aksel in the Artisans Workshop. Aksel will only give this if he appears in the burial armour area or the track making area and a player speaks to him. The player must have an inventory space free to receive the item before speaking to him, otherwise he will disappear without giving permission.

If the player then speaks to Egil or Abel, that dwarf will take the item and the player can then smith a bronze ceremonial sword by clicking on one of the anvils in the ceremonial sword area. This is the only way that a player can make a ceremonial sword on a free-to-play server. After completing the ceremonial sword on a free server as a free-player, a dialogue box appears over the playing screen, displaying: "Master the art of ceremonial swordmaking at the Artisan's Workshop." It doesn't appear when already being a member, even if done on a free-to-play world.

Ceremonial sword plans (bronze)

The plans used to make Aksel's ceremonial sword.

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