Al kharid flyer detail

The Al kharid flyer is an item that is given to players by Ali the Leaflet Dropper in Northern Al Kharid. He is located at the northernmost part of the Al Kharid desert, just a short way from Rat Burgiss. It is supposedly a voucher to get money off the player's next purchase - only it has expired. Prior to the release of the Missing My Mummy quest, it was a useless item. If the flyer is used with Ali the Leaflet Dropper, then a player's character will say "I don't want this! It's out of date!". Following this, Ali the Leaflet Dropper says "Then why would I want it?".

It can also be shown to Ali Morrisane, Dommik, Ellis, Louie Legs, Ranael, and Zeke for additional dialogue.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Al kharid flyer.
Come to Al Kharid Market place! High quality produce at low, low prices! Show this flyer to a merchant for money off your next purchase, courtesy of Ali Morrisane!


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  • During the Missing My Mummy quest it is revealed that the flyer is a palimpsest; the flyer is printed over an older manuscript that had been scraped clean in order to re-use the paper.
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