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Aleck chat head.

Aleck can be found in Yanille. He is the proprietor of Aleck's Hunter Emporium in Yanille. Aleck wears a mask that appears to be made of a kebbit head at all times. He is wearing something identical to a Rambler's backpack obtained while Temple Trekking, and wearing some special clothing of some sort.

He sells butterfly nets, butterfly jars, magic boxes, noose wands, bird snares, box traps, teasing sticks, unlit torches and rabbit snares.

He is one of the NPCs you can start the Ardougne Tasks by talking to, and will give you the Ardougne cloak 3 as a reward for completing the hard tasks. If you lose the cloak, you can talk to him for another.

If you have completed the hard tasks, you can talk to him to access the elite difficulty tasks, and he will reward you when done. After completing hard tasks he will also change your Watchtower teleport location to inside the Yanille walls in front of the pet shop.