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Algarum thread is used along with sirenic scales to make sirenic armour. It can be bought from Ocellus Virius, the Bandit general store in the Wilderness, or on the Grand Exchange. Three of these are needed to make a sirenic hauberk, two to make sirenic chaps, and one to make a sirenic mask.

The shop interface to buy these from Ocellus cannot be opened without at least 500,000 in the money pouch or inventory.

Item Crafting level Sirenic scale.png Scales Algarum thread.png Thread Experience Cost (Scales)
(Total cost)
GE Price
Sirenic mask.png Sirenic mask 91 14 1 500 9,782,108
Sirenic chaps.png Sirenic chaps 92 28 2 1,000 19,564,216
Sirenic hauberk.png Sirenic hauberk 93 42 3 1,500 29,346,324

Store locations

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  • If zoomed in on when dropped, it can be seen that this thread has an animated pattern on its surface.
  • According to Ocellus, the Order of Ascension stole the thread to make armour, and then he stole the thread from them to prevent them from making armour.