Ali Tist chathead
Ali Tist chathead (ill)

Ali Tist sells unsolvable puzzle boxes in Falador, one of which is needed for the quest A Void Dance. They are full of goo from the Void leech, and are part of a Kinshra plot to take over Falador. He has no idea what the boxes contain though and sells the boxes because he is being paid by the Kinshra. He only knows these boxes cannot be opened. After receiving the Mysterious clue scroll, he becomes ill, most likely from his wares. Ali Tist is located in central Falador, south of the eastern bank until the Black Knights' Workshop is found, after which he departs.

North-west of Ali Tist, a woman and a man, who have bought the box, seem to be striving to solve the puzzle box. However, they are pale and are most likely affected by the puzzle boxes.


  • When asked why you would want a box, he responds with "Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance..." This is a reference to the movie "Aladdin."
  • He was one of the first NPCs to be seen with facial details before they were released to all players and most NPCs in the game.
  • His name is a play on the word elitist.
  • When first trying to use the box, you say "What is this, I don't even!", a phrase used in many Internet-based forums and communities.
  • He doesn't appear until the player has finished Quiet Before the Swarm.
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