Ali the Operator chathead

Ali the Operator is a member of the Menaphite Thugs, an evil terrorist-like group of Menaphites banished from Menaphos because of their extremist worship of the goddess Amascut, The Devourer. Ali and the rest of his gang seek to cause massive destruction throughout the world in her name, but they are greatly hindered by the bandits, a separate gang that control much of Pollnivneach. Their ultimate goal is world domination, although this currently seems unlikely.

Ali the operator is involved heavily in The Feud quest, and can be found in the purple tent in southern Pollnivneach after the quest is complete. He is easily distinguished from other Menaphites by the scimitar he carries.



  • His examine text is a reference to Smooth Operator, a song by the jazz group, Sade.
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