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For the quest of the same name, see All Fired Up.
This is a dangerous minigame.
If you die, you will lose your items and will need to reclaim them from Death or your grave.

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All Fired Up (sometimes simply called the Beacon Network) is a minigame released on 26 August 2008. The goal of the activity is to light a series of beacons, a concept initiated by King Roald III to make use of fires as a warning signal in the event of an emergency.

In total, there are 14 beacons in the beacon network, with each beacon requiring 20 un-noted logs of your choice to light. To complete this minigame, players must have level 92 Firemaking (or 90 with the god banner boost), along with several other requirements and completion of certain quests to be able to access all 14 beacons.

See the summarised walkthrough for a brief and simple guide for the minigame or the thorough walkthrough for a comprehensive, step-by-step guide suitable for those aiming for the Inferno adze reward.

Levels and quests

The following requirements are needed to light all 14 beacons in the minigame; players looking for alternative methods for training Firemaking should not be intimidated with all of these requirements. See the "Network information" section below for the individual requirements for each beacon.

Note that players must reach the skill requirements themselves, as player assisting will not allow players to access these beacons. Boosts, however, could be used to light beacons.




The list does not include the logs used to fuel the beacons.


These items are only needed to repair a few beacons once.

  1. ^ a b c Depends on whether you use Smithing or Construction for the Wilderness Temple Beacon.


Except for the catspeak amulet, these items are given away to respective beacon keepers, in exchange for their services that include tending the beacon for you and providing you with information. The catspeak amulet is required each time the player wishes to speak with the cat at the Burthorpe beacon.



To start the minigame, you must have completed the All Fired Up quest; one of the rewards from the quest is access to the beacon network.

The objective of the activity is to keep as many beacons lit at the same time as possible. There are a total of 14 beacons in the beacon network which are indicated on the world map and minimap by the Fired Up Beacon icon (Beacon map icon.png).

On the basis of the number of beacons kept lit at the same time, the rewards are broken into three groups: 6 beacons, 10 beacons, and all 14 beacons. Players can obtain all three rewards in a single trip, provided they have 92 Firemaking. To get the rewards, players will have to speak with King Roald III in Varrock.


Before making an attempt to the activity, the following must be done to eliminate waste of time:

  • All the beacons should be filled with logs (they will not disappear),
  • The necessary repairs must be performed and,
  • The keepers must be aided.

See "Network information" for beacon and keeper requirements.

Lighting the beacons

"Unlit beacon" redirects here. For the beacon in Mazcab, see Unlit beacon (Mazcab).

To light a beacon, the brazier must first be filled with 20 (unnoted) logs of the same type - any type, except for protean logs, may be used, but the better the logs, the longer the beacon will stay alight. Acadia logs may currently be added to the beacon and lit, but will only stay lit for 20 seconds.

An unlit beacon.

It may be useful for players to use maple or willow logs for most beacons if they want to save expenses or effort to gather the required logs, especially if they are using the network to gain experience rather than trying to earn the rewards.

Once a beacon is lit, the player may provide the beacon keepers with an additional 5 logs to watch the beacon on the player's behalf. In addition, a player may add the 5 logs to the weakened beacon themselves to restore a beacon to its full strength. Providing extra logs to the beacon keepers does not give any additional experience, but it does provide some added time to the lit beacons. Meeting the requirements to interact with the beacon keeper also allows players to check on the status of the network at that particular beacon.

Below is an estimated time for how long each type of log burns:

Log Burn time
Regular logs ~13 minutes
Oak logs ~13.5 minutes
Willow logs ~14.5 minutes
Maple logs ~15.75 minutes
Yew logs ~16.5 minutes
Magic logs ~18 minutes
Elder logs ~18 minutes

It is possible to light all 14 beacons using only regular logs; the entire network may be lit in as little as 7–9 minutes.

Useful tips

Audio options icon.png
The tune that plays when all 14 beacons are lit.

The Inferno adze can be obtained by lighting the beacons in any order, as long as all 14 are lit simultaneously. Players may therefore find it useful to light the higher level beacons first, as these have higher risks, and should players die in the wilderness/outside the God Wars Dungeon while lighting the higher level beacons, less progress would be lost.

Friends may also help in this minigame to save repeated trips to the bank - a player provides an inventory of logs to some friends and asks them to wait at the beacons. Once the player arrives at a beacon, the friend trades the logs with the player for the next beacon.

Players may save money by using cheaper logs on the beacons that will be lit last. The difference in burn times of a magic log and a willow log is relatively minor, but obtaining the first may be either much more expensive (if you are buying logs), or more time-consuming (if you are cutting them).

Using the salt-water spring after completing As a First Resort will give you unlimited run energy for a temporary period of time, increasing your chance of success/save you money from buying energy restoring items.

Players who don't have Trollheim teleport can use the games necklace teleport to Troll Invasion and run along to the beacons near the Trollheim hill. However, this takes a relatively long time and it is therefore recommended to light this beacon first, if using this method.

Network status

An example of status information regarding the beacon network

To keep track of the status of the beacon network, players can right-click on any of the beacon keepers and use the "Information" option to display a status update similar to the one shown above. Information is available for any neighbouring beacons on the network, or for one station beyond the last beacon that is lit and currently in operation.

Giving a macaw pouch to a keeper will allow that one keeper to get information about every single beacon in the network permanently, instead of only the two neighbouring them. This is also a requirement for the master quest cape.

The icons on the map have the following meanings:

Icon Status In-game message Explanation
Unknown Unknown No information is available about this beacon. This beacon is located too far from the beacon station you are at to determine its status.
Extinguished Extinguished The beacon near ... is out. The beacon has consumed all of the logs and needs logs and be lit to become a part of the network.
Loaded Loaded The beacon near ... is loaded with logs. This beacon station currently has logs and is waiting to be lit up.
Beacon Status Lit.png Lit The beacon near ... is blazing brightly. This beacon station is currently in operation and has been lit
Beacon Status Flameout.png Flame out The beacon near ... is dying out. The flame at this station is about to be extinguished unless more logs are added
Beacon Status Current Loc.png You are here You are at the beacon near ... This symbol marks the beacon location where a player is at when this chart appears.

Network information

The beacon network is made up of 14 beacons along the borders of the Wilderness. Each of them require a certain Firemaking level to light, while some may require additional quests and skills. Some of the beacon keepers may run errands, request gear, and require quests to be completed.

Beacon Identifier Location Firemaking.png Level Beacon Requirement Keeper Requirement
River Salve Near Blaze Sharpeye, north-east of Varrock and south of the Temple of Paterdomus, on Silvarea 43 None None
Rag and Bone Man At the limestone quarry north-east of Varrock on Silvarea; just west of the Odd Old Man, at the start of the Rag and Bone Man quest 43 None None
Jolly Boar Inn Just north of the Jolly Boar Inn in north-east Varrock, in low-level Wilderness 48 None Completed Family Crest
North of Varrock Castle At the north exit of Varrock, in low-level Wilderness; just west of the Jolly Boar Inn beacon 53 None Provide the keeper with a white tree fruit (requires the completion of the Garden of Tranquility quest)
North of Grand Exchange North of the Grand Exchange in low-level Wilderness 59 None None
Edgeville Northern part of Edgeville, this beacon is not in the Wilderness 62 None Completed all four levels of the Stronghold of Security
Black Knights' Fortress South-east of the Black Knights' Fortress 68 Joined the Edgeville Monastery (requires Level 31 Prayer) Level 53 Prayer
Goblin Village The north-east corner of the Goblin Village (only accessible from the village) 72 Completed the Land of the Goblins Provide the keeper with a Davy kebbit hat
Burthorpe On the border of Wilderness and east Burthorpe; only accessible from Burthorpe 76 Level 56 Smithing to repair the ladder for access to the beacon; 2 iron bars are required. The catspeak amulet must be equipped to speak with the keeper. A Tail of Two Cats must be completed for keeper information
Death Plateau East of Death Plateau; only accessible from Level 13 Wilderness. 79 Level 42 Construction to repair the ladder; 2 planks and 4 nails are required

The broken ladder from the Wilderness to Death Plateau.

Provide the keeper with a cooked/raw lava eel (requires the completion of Heroes' Quest)
Trollheim Near the shortcut into the wilderness; accessed with the Trollheim Teleport 83 None Completed Troll Romance and My Arm's Big Adventure
God Wars Dungeon North-east of the entrance to the God Wars Dungeon (not located in the Wilderness) 87, but stat-degrading effects require a firemaking level of 92+, or a super restore potion Level 60 Agility or Strength and having defeated Dad during Troll Stronghold to access the area; Level 60 Crafting, a needle, and 3 jute fibres to repair the wind blocker Level 81 Summoning to speak to the keeper
Temple in the Wilderness Near the small temple in level 40 Wilderness 89 Level 70 Smithing with 2 iron bars, or level 59 Construction with 2 planks and 4 nails No keeper
Frozen Waste Plateau On the Frozen Waste Plateau, west of the Agility course in level 52 Wilderness 92 None No keeper

Beacon guide

No. Firemaking Level Location Fastest Travel Beacon Keeper
1 43 South-west of the temple Paterdomus on Silvarea
Blaze Sharpeye
2 43 North-west of Limestone quarry on Silvarea and the temple Paterdomus
Squire Fyre
3 48 Level 1 Wilderness north of Jolly Boar Inn
4 53 Level 1 Wilderness north of Varrock castle
5 59 Level 3 Wilderness north of Grand Exchange
6 62 Edgeville


7 68 Black Knights' Fortress, north-west of the Edgeville Monastery
Brother Fintan
8 72 Goblin Village


9 76 Northeast Burthorpe
10 79 East of Death Plateau (access from level 13 Wilderness)
11 83 East end of Trollheim Wilderness Route
(beacon not in Wilderness)
12 87 Past first Agility shortcut (climb rocky stoneholds) north of God Wars entrance
(beacon not in Wilderness) (bring Super restore potion)
13 89 Just north of Chaos Temple (hut) in western Wilderness level 40
14 92 Frozen Waste Plateau - Wilderness level 52



Beacon Firemaking level Firemaking experience for lighting* Cumulative experience for lighting
the beacon network to this point
(including bonus lighting exp
and glove and ring bonus)
Experience per log
River Salve 43 216.2 824.6 41.2
Rag and Bone Man 43 235.8 2,682.8 67.1
North of the Jolly Inn 48 193.8 4,864 81.1
North of Varrock Palace 53 178.5 7,192.1 89.9
North of the Grand Exchange 59 194.3 9,536 95.7
Edgeville 62 86.7 12,380 (12,137.3 first time) 103.2
Black Knights' Fortress 68 224.4 15,215.2 108.7
Goblin Village 72 194.8 18,227.1 113.9
Burthorpe 76 195.3 21,322.2 118.5
East of Death Plateau 79 249.9 25,405.7 (24,679.8 first time) 127
East of Trollheim 83 201 28,895.9 131.3
East of the God Wars Dungeon 87 255 32,570.6 135.6
North of the small temple in the Wilderness 89 198.9 36,313.7 139.7
Frozen Waste Plateau 92 147.9 41,579.5 148.5
Number of beacons alight Bonus experience*
1 608.4
2 1,622.4
3 1,987.4
4 2,149.6
5 2,149.6
6 2,514.6
7 2,555.2
8 2,758
9 2,839.1
10 3,041.9
11 3,123
12 3,244.7
13 3,366.4
14 4,867.1
  • Wearing a ring of fire and/or flame gloves grants additional Firemaking experience.
  • 608.4 experience is gained for lighting one beacon at any location.
  • 39,599.9 experience is rewarded for having all 14 beacons lit without either gloves or the ring. The experience is 41,579.5 for completing the beacon network with the fire ring and gloves being worn.
  • If any beacons are still on fire when logs are added to the network, even if the beacon station where you are is extinguished after you had previously lit up the network, no additional bonus will be granted and lighting that beacon will only grant experience for that station alone. This includes adding logs to the network and then shortly afterwards the remaining beacons also become extinguished. To maximise experience earned while lighting the network for training purposes, light all beacons within a short period of time, then wait until all beacons go out before re-loading the network with new logs.
  • In terms of experience gained per log, this is assuming that players only put 20 logs in each station and then complete the entire network up to that point, including all bonuses. While not necessarily a faster method of earning experience, it may be possible to earn more experience per log if using willow or oak logs for the beacon network and be able to reduce the costs both in terms of time and money to gather these logs and use them for training purposes. As a firemaking training method, using maple logs is only effective if you have the firemaking level to nearly complete the entire network, where you would otherwise gain more experience simply burning the maple logs in a conventional manner. Yew and Magic logs should only be used if a player is having difficulty claiming a reward.
  • You can't use logs coloured with gnomish firelighters to light beacons.
  • When you successfully light 6, 10, or 14 Beacons you will get a message stating you can now pick up your Ring of fire, Flame gloves, or Inferno adze from King Roald III.


  • King Roald III will also reward players with items according to the number of beacons simultaneously lit.
  • If you lose or destroy any of these items, you will have to earn it by playing the minigame again.
Image Item Beacons lit Level Attributes
Ring of fire Ring of fire 6 beacons 62 2% more experience per log.
Flame gloves Flame gloves 10 beacons 79 2% more experience per log. When worn at the same time as the Ring of fire, this grants a 5% bonus instead of the expected 4%.
Inferno adze Inferno adze All 14 beacons 92 See the Inferno adze article.

Level indicated is minimum Firemaking level required; additional requirements may be needed (see above, or beacon network).

Experience chart

To show the benefits from the rewards of the minigame while doing normal Firemaking.

  • XP is the experience gained from burning the log normally.
  • XP+ is the experience gained burning the log with the Ring of fire or Flame gloves (2% bonus).
  • XP++ is the experience gained with both the Ring of fire and the Flame gloves (i.e. 2% + 2% + 1% = 5% bonus).

Note: Using Summoning familiars with Ring of fire and Flame gloves will not stack the Firemaking bonus gained. For example, using Pyrelord with Ring of fire and Flame gloves will not add 15% Firemaking bonus, instead it will add 5% + 10 exp. However, a (master) Penance horn will grant you 200% experience bonus over the total experience gained (including the bonus from the flame gloves and/or ring)

Log Firemaking experience Cost per hour
For 1 log For 27 logs Per hour
No bonus Ring of Fire or Flame gloves (as they appear in game) Ring of Fire + Flame gloves (as they appear in game) No bonus Ring of Fire or Flame gloves (as they appear in game) Ring of Fire + Flame gloves (as they appear in game) No bonus Ring of Fire or Flame gloves (as they appear in game) Ring of Fire + Flame gloves (as they appear in game)
Logs.pngLogs 40 40.8 42 1,080 1,101.6 1,134 44,000 44,880 46,200 320,100
Oak logs.pngOak logs 60 61.2 63 1,620 1,652.4 1,701 66,000 67,320 69,300 650,100
Willow logs.pngWillow logs 90 91.8 94.5 2,430 2,478.6 2,551.5 99,000 100,980 103,950 272,800
Maple logs.pngMaple logs 135 137.7 141.7 3,645 3,717.9 3,825.9 148,500 151,470 155,925 118,800
Eucalyptus logs.pngEucalyptus logs 193.5 197.3 203.1 5,224.5 5,327.1 5,483.7 212,850 217,107 223,492.5 826,100
Yew logs.pngYew logs 202.5 206.5 212.6 5,467.5 5,575.5 5,740.2 222,750 227,205 233,887.5 183,700
Magic logs.pngMagic logs 303.75 309.8 318.9 8,202.6 8,365.2 8,611.3 334,125 340,807.5 350,831.3 418,000
All experience values within this table are correct within 0.25% XP.
Hourly experience rate is based on the assumption of burning 1100 logs per hour



  • The minigame was quoted to essentially be an evolved version of the unreleased Wilderness Tag minigame.[source needed]