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Alomone is the leader of the Cult of Hazeel south of Ardougne. Players could choose to side with Hazeel during the Hazeel Cult quest. If the player chooses not to side with him, Alomone must be killed later on in the quest. When he is killed he will drop Carnillean armour, but only during the Hazeel Cult quest. The drop trick can be used to obtain more than one by getting it as a drop and then quickly killing him again to obtain another. Unlike the other Hazeel Cultists, Alomone doesn't drop bones.

To players who see other players fighting him, he appears as a Hazeel cultist.


  • When Carnillean Rising was released, Hazeel Cult had a cutscene added and Alomone received a staff as such. The option to fight him after the quest was removed.
  • If the player sides with the Cult of Hazeel, it becomes impossible to attack Alomone, even during the quest.
  • Before his staff was added, he used his fists as if he was slashing a dagger at you, although it was invisible. He now uses his staff properly like he should.
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