Not to be confused with Alan or Allan.

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Alran is a non-player character found in the Fist of Guthix lobby. He, like Getorix and Pontimer, has a theory about how the Fist of Guthix cave was created. He only knows for sure that it is called Fist of Guthix because Fiara mentions the term occasionally. The player, after The World Wakes quest, still references Fiara in one of the options if she is killed during the quest. (this option appears with Getorix and Pontimer too).

Alran's theory

Alran's theory on how the Fist of Guthix cave was created is that the cave was created by Guthix during the God Wars as a test of people's strength. He lets people go into the cave because "it wouldn't be balanced otherwise." He regards Pontimer's and Getorix's theories as nonsense.


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