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An ammo mould, also known as cannonball mould, is used for making cannonballs for the Dwarf multicannon. Cannonballs are used as ammunition for the multicannon, a member's only ranged weapon. An ammo mould can be stored on the tool belt.

To make cannonballs, a player must use a steel bar on a furnace (or a portable forge in "smelt" mode), while having an Ammo mould in their inventory or tool belt. This will result in production of cannonballs from the Steel bar. Each bar makes four cannonballs and yields 25.6 Smithing experience.

It is obtained during the Dwarf Cannon quest from the Dwarf engineer Nulodion. He is usually at the entrance of the Dwarven mines south of Ice Mountain and north-east of Falador. The ammo mould is priced at 5 coins, and can be bought again from Nulodion after the quest. If it is dropped and players talk to Nulodion, he will give another one for free.


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  • When creating ammo, the animation for the first part is putting the bar in the furnace. However, the second part of the animation is that of burying bones.
  • When dropped, the mould almost fills the whole floor square that it is dropped on.
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