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For the holiday NPC, see Ana (turkey).

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Ana is a girl from Misthalin who likes exploring. Unfortunately, she likes it a little too much, and recently disappeared into the Kharidian Desert. The player meets her mother, Irena, at the beginning of the quest 'The Tourist Trap', in which he or she must rescue Ana. After searching the desert and finding her scarf, the player will discover that she has been captured by the slavers of the Desert Mining Camp. After a series of trials and tricks, the player is able to smuggle her out of the camp by hiding her in a barrel, and thus reuniting Ana with her mother.

At the end of the quest, Irena will do the wave emote and say "Hi Ana!". Then Ana will walk towards her and disappear. Though Ana disappears, Irena stays at the entrance of Shantay Pass, as though she is still waiting for her daughter.


  • When looked closely, it can be seen that her pickaxe is floating, instead of being held by her.
  • Ana weighs 22kg. This can be seen by checking your weight before and after putting her in the barrel.
  • After completing the quest Ana will still be in the same spot at the mining camp.  If the player attempts to stuff her in a barrel after completing the quest she will comment that she thinks you've mistaken her for someone else.
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