Release date 25 January 2016 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 1 Invention 80 Crafting 80 Divination 80 Smithing
Spellbook Normal,
Type Skilling
Runes None
Material Analysis interface

Analysing an item

Analyse is an Invention ability unlocked during the Invention Tutorial, located under skilling spells. It requires 1 Invention (which in turn requires 80 Divination, Crafting, and Smithing) and the Inventor's tools (which are added to the tool belt during the tutorial). It can be cast on any item for free to determine what materials any item can be disassembled into, if it can.

Analyse cannot be used in the same places disassemble cannot. Additionally, items that cannot be dismantled will give the same message when analysed.

It will display an additional "This item is of very high value." warning for items worth more than 500,000 coins, as well as for some special cases such as Death lotus darts. For certain rares (e.g. green h'ween mask), no information will be shown and instead the message "You could not bring yourself to destroy this rare item." appears, but for others (e.g. Black Santa hat), the regular info and warning appears.


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