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The Ancient Tarddian Journal is a journal found during and after the quest The Light Within on the planet of Tarddiad. It's located on the northwest side. There is a large boulder inside a house that can be searched for the book. It fills in a backstory of the elven's history on Tarddiad. Reading this journal is a requirement to obtain the master quest cape.

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The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Ancient Tarddian Journal.

The other families have all flocked to the side of this Seren figure and already seem willing to cast aside our ancient ways.

I bear her no ill will. She seems genuine in her desire to help us and I confess she possesses a nature that is immediately hard to dislike. But we are of Cywir, we keep the old ways.

The ancient shrines have been left forgotten. The temples of old are empty and even the Cradle is no longer tended by the Crwys. Cywir will take on these responsibilities, as we must. But we are a small house, with barely a fraction of membership of the other families. Still, the job must be done.

The Great Flame continues to burn. That is something at least. Even though the Crwys no longer remember to send us the logs to ignite it. The light at least continues to keep the Hunllef back in the shadows. Do they not realise the danger that they leave us all in with their negligence?

The Great Flame has gone out. We just can't maintain everything. Skil Lage took a few wordweavers to the Hunllef's lair. Only one made it back. She told me that Skil sacrificed himself to seal that beast away forever.

He was the best of us, yet only Cywir will remember his name. As is our tradition.

- Myf, Storykeeper of Cysur


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