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The ancient elven ritual shard is a drop from Lost Grove creatures. It can be activated to restore 37.5% of the player's total Prayer points over 30 seconds with a 5-minute cooldown. Unlike the Enhanced Excalibur's special, which resets when players exit to the lobby or switch worlds, the shard's cooldown only counts down while the player is logged in.

At level 99 Prayer, it restores 75 Prayer points every 6 seconds for a total of 5 times, giving 375 prayer points per activation (or 4,500 Prayer points per hour with perfect activation timing). This is unaffected by the holy wrench or Reverence aura.

By comparison, a 6-dose super prayer flask contains 2,496 Prayer points, and a 6-dose super prayer renewal potion contains 5,472 Prayer points over 36 minutes (9,120 per hour). Compared to the shard, the potion stacks with holy wrench and can be used with a potion reservoir.

The drop rate of the shard is 1/1,500 while on a Lost Grove creature slayer task and 1/5,000 while off task.[1] Solak will drop it at a rate of 1/1,000.[2]

Drop sources

A player activating the ancient elven ritual shard.

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Bulbous crawler1401Very rare
Moss golem1401Very rare
Solak2000; 70001Very rare
Vinecrawler1401Very rare


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  • The ancient elven ritual shard's prayer restoring effect was originally the effect of Erethdor's grimoire prior to the update of 30 July 2018. Due to player feedback on the underwhelming ability for a rare item from a difficult boss, the grimoire's effect was changed and the original effect was given to the shard.
  • The shard was made tradeable on 6 August 2018, a week after its release.


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