Ancient hymnal detail

The Ancient hymnal is a reward from The Temple at Senntisten. It is given to players by Azzanadra. Once a player reads this book he or she is given access to the Ancient Curses by praying at the Altar of Zaros. This book describes all the new prayers (i.e., the curses) and their functions. The non-English form of the curses are in the Infernal tongue, which is exactly the same as Latin. If the player has lost it or destroyed it, they can get another one by talking to Azzanadra under the Digsite.

After the quest, this book can be found in the bookcase of a Player-owned house.

After completion of the Elite Falador Tasks, the hymnal may be used to change the altar on the second floor of the White Knights' Castle into a Zarosian altar. Changing the altar requires a player to simply use the Ancient hymnal on the backside of the altar. Once the ritual is complete the altar offers the ability to switch to Curses. The room has to be cleared of White Knights before starting the ritual or else the player will get the message "It'd be better not to do that whilst there are White Knights around!"



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