Ancient page (1) detail

Ancient pages are items which are sometimes obtained when rummaging barbarian skeletons or as monster drops in the Ancient Cavern. Duplicate pages may still be obtained before completion of My notes if rummaging skeletons. They are part of the book My notes. There are 26 different pages. Finding all the notes is one of the requirements for the Trimmed Completionist cape and Master quest cape.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Ancient page (1).
I have researched these accursed creatures of mithril more, the results are disturbing. Analysis leads me to believe that they were created by a higher power, what sort of creature could be so powerful?


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  • Pages can still be obtained after My Notes has been completed. Dropped pages will always be the same page (this first one), while rummaging skeletons will produce a random page.
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