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Ancient relic (Smashing Relics) is a Treasure Hunter reward that may not be currently obtainable via Treasure Hunter.
Ancient relic (Smashing Relics) detail
Ancient relic buried

A buried ancient relic.

Ancient relics are exclusive rewards obtained during the Smashing Relics promotion on Treasure Hunter. They can be smashed onto the ground to obtain rewards within, which include a medium cash bag, and a random reward like gems, prismatic lamps, and former Treasure Hunter and Squeal of Fortune items.

In addition to Treasure Hunter, members can also receive up to two ancient relics per day by finding them partially buried in the ground in various places. Ironmen, however, cannot pick up these buried relics, instead getting the message 'nothing interesting happens'.


Partially buried relics can be found on members' worlds in the locations listed in the table below. The relics do not appear on the minimap, and there are no requirements to obtain them (aside from the restriction on ironmen). As the locations vary by world, and also change each hour, not every location listed will currently have a relic. Having picked a relic from another location may cause a player to not see a relic that the other players do.

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Location Description
Ancient relic (Al Kharid) location North-east of the gnome glider in Al Kharid
Ancient relic (Draynor) location East of the Draynor Bank
Ancient relic (Edgeville) location North-east of the Edgeville furnace
Ancient relic (Lumbridge) location South of Explorer Jack's house in Lumbridge, within the castle grounds
Ancient relic (Port Sarim) location North-west of the Port Sarim lodestone
Ancient relic (Varrock) location North of the Varrock Museum, south-east of the estate agent
Ancient relic (East Ardougne) location South of the southern East Ardougne bank, west of The Poison Arrow pub
Ancient relic (Seers' Village) location In the middle of the three southern houses in Seers' Village
Ancient relic (Yanille) location North of the Yanille lodestone


Smashing ancient relic

A player smashing an ancient relic.

Upon smashing an ancient relic, the player will always receive a medium cash bag and one additional secondary reward from the following table.

100% reward Amount
Medium cash bag Medium cash bag 1
Secondary rewards Amount
Advanced pulse core Advanced pulse core 8
Alchemist's amulet (charged) Alchemist's amulet (charged) 1
Coin of balance Coin of balance 1
Coins 10000 Coins 100,000
Coins 10000 Coins 1,000,000
D&D token (daily) D&D token (daily) 7
D&D token (monthly) D&D token (monthly) 2
D&D token (weekly) D&D token (weekly) 4
Dragon trinkets Dragon trinkets 100
Hear-no-evil monkey hat Hear-no-evil monkey hat 1
Huge prismatic lamp Huge prismatic lamp 1
Large dungeoneering token box Large dungeoneering token box 1
Large prismatic lamp Large prismatic lamp 1
Medium cash bag Medium cash bag 1
Medium dungeoneering token box Medium dungeoneering token box 1
Medium prismatic lamp Medium prismatic lamp 1
Monkey mace Monkey mace 1
Prismatic huge fallen star Prismatic huge fallen star 1
Prismatic large fallen star Prismatic large fallen star 1
Prismatic medium fallen star Prismatic medium fallen star 1
Rare item tokens Rare item tokens 500
Royal battleship kit Royal battleship kit 5
Samid's gloves Samid's gloves 1
See-no-evil monkey hat See-no-evil monkey hat 1
Shark fist 1 Shark fist 1
Silverhawk feathers 5 Silverhawk feathers 80
Speak-no-evil monkey hat Speak-no-evil monkey hat 1
Spirit dragonstone Spirit dragonstone 1
Spirit onyx Spirit onyx 1-2
Spring Spring 40
TzHaar whip TzHaar whip 1
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond 10
Uncut dragonstone Uncut dragonstone 10
Vile Horns Vile Horns 1
Curled Horns Curled Horns 1
Long Horns Long Horns 1
Twisted Horns Twisted Horns 1

Alternatively, following the 19 July 2018 iteration of the Smashing Relics promotion's return, a player may receive one of the following Solomon's General Store cosmetic overrides as a secondary reward:

Release history

Smashing Relics (edit)
Start Date End Date Update/Promo
24 September 2019 2nd Chance Tuesday
22 August 2019 26 August 2019 N/A
19 July 2018 23 July 2018 N/A
4 July 2017 2nd Chance Tuesday
31 May 2017 5 June 2017 Smashing Relics
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