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Ancient scales are raw materials used to create elite sirenic armour. It is dropped by Seiryu the Azure Serpent in the Temple of Aminishi.

Making the elite sirenic armour requires level 91-93 Crafting along with a specific number of scales, pieces of sirenic armour, and algarum thread depending on what piece of armour that is being made. The latter bought from Ocellus near the Monastery of Ascension, or smuggled from the Bandit Camp by trading Noterazzo. The full set of sirenic armour requires 840 scales and 6 algarum thread.

The hauberk requires 5 chaotic spikes in addition to the scales and thread.


Item Crafting Scales Threads XP Scale cost
Sirenic cost
(Total cost)
GE price Profit
Elite sirenic mask Elite sirenic mask911401500 79,602,320
81,977,778 -3,119,002
Elite sirenic hauberk Elite sirenic hauberk9342031500 238,806,960
265,481,483 10,193,192
Elite sirenic chaps Elite sirenic chaps9228021,000 159,204,640
154,347,776 -15,989,805
Full set 84063,000 477,613,920 coins
510,722,652 coins
501,807,037 coins -8,915,615 coins

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Seiryu the Azure Serpent100001–110Varies


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