Andil chathead

Andil is a young Dorgeshuun cave goblin found in Dorgesh-Kaan's nursery complex. She is amongst those poisoned by H.A.M. in its attempt to eliminate the Dorgeshuun. Whilst standing outside the nursery, Andil heard Zanik calling to her through a scrying pool in Bandos's throne room in Yu'biusk. At the school they learn the peaceful skills the Dorgeshuun have come to master, as well as basic abilities such as reading, writing, and mathematics.


  • Prior to the release of The Chosen Commander, most of the complex's residents were referred to as young 'uns, tykes, or nippers; all essentially nicknames meaning children. Since the release of the quest, however, most of the nursery's children have been given individual names, appearances, and personalities.
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