Anemone chathead

Anemone is a mermaid met during the Deadliest Catch quest. She resides on a small island in the Northern Sea with Tentacle and Urchin. She's the most aggressive of the three and appears to have experience in combat, as there is a pile of bones beside her. She wields a trident, and has a scar covered by an eyepatch.


  • There was a great deal of controversy with the release of Deadliest Catch, owing to her, along with her sisters, being the first NPCs to be partially nude in RuneScape, due to her uncovered breasts.
  • Anemone appears to be part shark.
  • She appears in the advertisement for Deadliest Catch, both the banner and the video.
  • Anemone means 'daughter of the wind' in Greek.
Player speaks to mermaid

The mermaids, left to right, Anemone, Tentacle, and Urchin.

Deadliest catch homepage ad

Anemone featured in the banner advertisement for the Deadliest Catch quest on the homepage.

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