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Anima Islands contains effects that can be hazardous to people with epilepsy or other vision problems.
Make sure to change your display settings if you suffer from these conditions.
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This is a safe activity.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.
This article is about the Distraction & Diversion. For the related world event from which it originated, see Tuska Comes.

Anima Islands is a members only Distractions and Diversions. Initally part of the Tuska Comes world event, after the fall of Tuska, Wizard Chambers can raise the floating islands from the bottom of the sea to allow players to siphon Anima Mundi to earn both experience in numerous skills and Reward Currency.

It can be played at any time, and it is possible to get up to 1,000 Reward Currency from each game. Experience received is scaled according to level.

Deaths on the islands are safe, and Ironman accounts are able to participate in all content and have access to all rewards.

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To get to the activity, players must swim from the Desert Bandit Camp or Bedabin Camp to Tuska's corpse, or teleport there by talking to Wizard Chambers located next to the boat to Daemonheim south-east of Lumbridge.

Starting the activity

To start a regular game, simply walk through the magical barrier to the starting island. After a moment, all players on the starting island will be sent to the islands together. If players wish to do the event with friends, the Grouping System can be used: create a group, set the group's activity as "Anima islands" in the matchmaking interface, invite other players into it, and then once everyone's status is set to 'ready', talk to Wizard Chambers to start the game.

Players are disallowed to bring any familiar, pet or non-combat item into the game. Moreover, food cannot be brought in despite its function in helping fighting monsters (it is not clearly stated), although potions are allowed. However equipable items with no combat bonus including many skilling outfits can be brought in, and players can bring both equipped and unequipped skilling outfits into the game.


The islands that previously orbited Tuska are now at the bottom of the sea. Wizard Chambers can raise them, allowing players to siphon Anima Mundi; however he cannot do this very long and players will be forced to transfer to another island every 5 minutes.

The amount of energy which may be gathered on an island is limited by which leg of the journey the player is on; i.e. on the 1st island up to 25% can be gathered, up to 50% on the 2nd, and up to 75% on the third island. Upon obtaining all the power one can get on an island a notification appears in the chatbox saying that the player cannot get any more Anima Mundi from that island. The maximum of 100% energy can only be reached on the last island.

The order the islands are played is completely random, and the rate at which energy can be gained varies according to the particular actions the player can perform while on the different islands.

The interface of a fully charged meter


Broken land

An active runestone

Players will end up on four islands of a clockwise-running agility course. To siphon Anima, they can charge Active runestones in the course to gain Divination experience, which are only visible to certain players. To move from island to island, players either balance or climb a blue crystal (Agility experience) or chip off a gatestone embedded on one of the islands (Dungeoneering experience).

Once every 30 seconds, a random player will be selected to hold a gatestone; players can teleport to them by hitting the teleport option provided in the bar above. This can be helpful for skipping obstacles or transferring to an island with an active node. If a player is alone, this function is unavailable. Teleporting also gives a small amount of dungeoneering experience.

Best way to pass this land: traverse the course, simply siphoning active runestones.

Lost souls

Expanding flammable growths

Players will end up on an island seemingly having been influenced by one of the younger gods. There are two main tentacles on the main island (one if less than three players); they cannot be attacked, but spawn lesser corrupted growths which can be attacked. To hurt the corrupted growths, players must go to the Holy fire and equip the torch received to deal damage onto them. The fire only lasts 30 seconds, so players will need to return to replenish the fire. The area directly hit with the fire will be dealt with 500 damage, while the area around it in a 3x3 radius will be hit for 250 damage. Constant Firemaking experience is gained while attacking tentacles, regardless of the number of corrupted growths burned. During the last minute available on the platform, the Holy fire will provide about 60 seconds of fire. The lesser tentacles do not have infinite spawns.

Holy fire

Best way to pass this land: get a torch and light the tentacles. It doesn't matter how many are burned at once, so go for the ones closest to the fire.

A fleeing Tormented soul

Alternatively, players may climb down to a graveyard where they can search the altar for a Relic of Life. This tool is required to enter the underworld. Digging a grave will result in the player entering the underworld, revealing one Lost Soul (this soul shows up as orange) to be captured, and many Tormented souls on the main island to be released. Capturing a lost soul charges the Relic of Life. Releasing a tormented soul returns the player and the soul to the normal world. To free a lost soul, return to the normal world with a charged relic and interact with the altar. To free a tormented soul, kill it to possess the spirit and bring it to the Last Rites circle. Anyone that attacks the tormented soul will turn into one upon its death. After entering the Last Rites circle, the player will be changed back to human form.

Capturing and freeing the lost soul gives Divination experience, while fighting and guiding a tormented soul gives Prayer experience; both can be done in one trip to the underworld, giving 6% energy each time.

Returning eight lost souls is one method to max out the player's contribution for this island.

Overgrown remnants

The core plant of the island

Players will end up on another island with a tree in the middle. Several large tentacles appear that surround the island, but will not cause any harm. Woodcuttable vines, and attackable tentacles randomly appear on this island. To proceed, players kill the tentacles or chop the vines, gaining mysterious herbs in the process. The herbs must be ground into powder, which can be used to nurture the roots to grow them. Each step in a root's growth requires a number of crushed herbs equal to the number of players that were initially part of the group. When a root reaches one of the pods surrounding the tree, it will turn into a flower which can be collected for a vibrating seed. The seed should then be used on the core plant to release the Anima Mundi, with each seed contributing about 6% charge. The flowers also have roots which will lead to other pods. Vines and tentacles can block the path towards a pod and must be chopped down or killed to proceed further. If multiple players chop the same section of vine, each player will receive a number of herbs equal to however many players were chopping that section upon clearing it; likewise, each player who inflicted damage to a tentacle will receive one herb as it dies.

Roots can be nurtured cooperatively by multiple players, and when any pod blooms, all players can collect the seed from it. Using a seed on the core plant provides a significant amount of Anima Mundi, so it is recommended to prioritise any root that is closest to a pod.

Returning three or four energy seeds to the central tree is one method to max out the player's contribution for this island.

Best way to pass this land: chop the vines and grow the roots. Collect the seeds as soon as they are available.

Lightning storm

Sentient Lightning

Players will end up on an island that attracts lightning. They can construct pylons from the shattered pylon hotspots (for Construction experience), which will attract a sentient lightning that can be lured to the Unstable Core in the middle of the island (for Hunter experience). The pylon will shatter after a Sentient Lightning is attracted to it, which happens on the third lightning strike. More than one Sentient Lightning can be lured at a time.

Alternatively, players can build lightning traps upon the targets that randomly appear on the ground. After a short while lightning will strike this spot, charging the trap and releasing it to the core (for Hunter experience).

In addition, tiny balls of living lightning will appear and may be attacked. Killing the lightning, or being near enough when a Sentient Lightning reaches the core, electrifies the player with a residual charge that should be brought to the Unstable Core for points. There is a specific amount of time before the charge fades, shown as a bar above the player.

Constructing pylons non-stop while luring a sentient lightning to the unstable core is one method to max out the player's contribution for this island.

Best way to pass this land: constructing pylons. If solo, ignore the Sentient Lightning while placing only the traps which aren't out of the way. Otherwise, make sure to keep close enough to the core to receive residual charges. Alternatively, ignore everything except constructing pylons for maximum construction experience and anima.


After 20 minutes on the islands, the players are returned to Tuska's corpse, and receive reward currency equal to 10x the percentage the meter was filled to. Up to 1,000 reward currency can be obtained per game by completing runs on the islands. The maximum amount of reward currency that can be kept is 30,000. Upon reaching this limit, some of the reward currency must be spent before more can be collected.

Right clicking on Wizard Chambers will provide an option to open the reward shop interface. The following rewards are available:

Tuska Event Rewards
Image Tab Reward Currency
Warpriest of Tuska gauntlets.png Warpriest of Tuska gauntlets 1000
Warpriest of Tuska boots.png Warpriest of Tuska boots 1000
Warpriest of Tuska helm.png Warpriest of Tuska helm 2000
Warpriest of Tuska cuirass.png Warpriest of Tuska cuirass 3500
Warpriest of Tuska robe legs.png Warpriest of Tuska robe legs 3500
Warpriest of Tuska cape.png Warpriest of Tuska cape 2000
Saradomin Tuska spear.png Saradomin Tuska spear 1000
Armadyl Tuska spear.png Armadyl Tuska spear 1000
Zamorak Tuska spear.png Zamorak Tuska spear 1000
Godless Tuska spear.png Godless Tuska spear 1000
Calibration device.png Calibration device [1] 500
Sacrifice.png Sacrifice 3500
Devotion.png Devotion 3500
Transfigure.png Transfigure 3500
Tuska's Wrath.png Tuska's Wrath 4000
Tuska's Fury (Tier 1) emote icon.png Tuska's Fury (Tier 1) 500
Tuska's Fury (Tier 2) emote icon.png Tuska's Fury (Tier 2) 1000
Tuska's Fury (Tier 3) emote icon.png Tuska's Fury (Tier 3) 1500
Tuska storm teleport 1200
Large XP lamp 5000
  1. ^ Erroneously listed as Astromancy telescope


  • While this activity was still part of the Tuska Comes event, other types of Warpriest armour as well as exclusive titles were available as rewards. Prices for rewards were significantly lower.
  • During the Tuska Comes world event. Up to 1,000 could be earned per day by stabbing Tuska the first time. The next two stabs were capped at 250 points, and then 50 points per stab for the rest of the day.
  • During the world event, more reward currency could be received by trading in Tuska fragments, which were received by skilling and killing on her back, and meteor shards, which were dropped by Strange insects or Crashed rocks, to Wizard Chambers for 5 currency each.