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Animated Mithril Armour is found at the Warriors' Guild. In order to summon it, you must put a mithril full helmet, mithril platebody and mithril platelegs on the Magical Animator.

Although this is a fair way to gain Warriors' Guild tokens, there is a chance that any piece of the armour may break during combat. Note that you will get your armour back most of the time after fighting.

This is a very good way to gain warrior tokens since the animated mithril armour is relatively easy to kill but still awards 50 tokens.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Mithril full helmMithril full helm1Always[1]2,187
Mithril platebodyMithril platebody1Always[1]2,540
Mithril platelegsMithril platelegs1Always[1]2,574
  1. ^ a b c It is extremely rare for an armour piece to not be dropped.

Universal drops

Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster outside of Daemonheim.
These drops are dropped alongside main drops.
Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Key tokenKey token1RareNot sold
Mimic kill tokenMimic kill token1Very rare5,575


  • The animated mithril armour has an attacking speed of a scimitar, despite the fact that it is wielding a longsword.
  • The animated mithril armour, like all animated armours, used the old armour model until an update on 24 June 2013.
  • Prior to an update on 18 August 2014, animated mithril armour was weak to water spells, even though players could not use magic against it.
  • The spring cleaner will not break down the armour it drops into its original components, nor is it able to convert it to bonus experience.
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