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Lousiana 'Anna' Jones is a former archaeologist who worked for the Varrock Museum. She plays a minor role in the What Lies Below quest, and she will give any player a bronze pickaxe to enter the Tunnel of Chaos. She can be found east-northeast of Varrock. After What Lies Below, when the player fails to catch Surok Magis while he enters the Tunnel of Chaos, Anna will tell the player that they deserve it as they agitated Surok, and that if they don't pay her, she'll lodge a formal complaint to the government of Varrock.

Anna was former archaeologist working for the Varrock museum, until she decided to work for Surok Magis by assisting him to excavate the Tunnel of Chaos.


  • When spoken to, she'll reveal her full name to be Louisiana Jones, which what she is known as in the Varrock Census. Like Asgarnia Smith and Orlando Smith, her name is a reference to the name Indiana Jones, the famous movie archaeologist/explorer/action hero. This is reinforced by the fact that both "Indiana" and "Louisiana" are states in the US, and both end in "Ana" (Anna).
  • If you ask about the statue behind her, and say "Yay Zamorak" she gets mad at you and you say that you have lost your anorak. This may be a reference to South Park.
  • If you have started the quest, Desert Treasure, there will be a third option stating, "I bet Zaros could take him," when you talk to her about the statue behind her. When using this option she would get mad at you, say that you underestimate Saradomin's power, and say that she doesn't have time to set your mind on the correct path.
  • She has a gravestone in the New Varrock graveyard which reads "Louisiana Jones, a.k.a. Anna Jones. Avoiding traps in tombs is harder if you are a zombie."
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