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{{Otheruses|the Bounty Hunter reward}}
#REDIRECT[[Sundown dagger]]
{{Infobox Item
|version1 = new|version2=used|version3=broken
|name1 = Annihilation|name2=Annihilation|name3=Annihilation (broken)
|image1=[[File:Annihilation.png]]|image2=[[File:Annihilation (used).png]]|image3=[[File:Annihilation (broken).png]]
|release = [[14 November]] [[2016]]
|update = Bounty Hunter Returns - Gemstone Golem & Rune Ethereal Outfits through Skilling‎
|members = Yes
|quest = No
|tradeable = Yes
|stacksinbank = No|stacksinbank1=
|equipable = Yes|equipable3=No
|stackable = No
|disassembly = Yes
|noteable1 = Yes
|value = 1200000
|destroy = Drop
|kept = reclaimable
|examine = A melee weapon of incredible power.|examine3=A melee weapon of incredible power. It is in need of repair.
|weight = 1.814
|id1 = 39049|id2=39051|id3=39052
[[File:Annihilation detail.png|left|120px]]
[[File:Annihilation (broken) detail.png|left]]
'''Annihilation''' is a degradable tier 87 two-handed melee weapon, available as a reward from [[Bounty Hunter]]. It can be purchased from the [[Bounty Hunter & Deathmatch Reward Shop]] for 30,000 BH points.
Annihilation degrades to a broken state over [[equipment degradation|60,000 charges of combat]]. It can be repaired by a [[Repair NPC]] for 4,500,000 coins, or for less at an [[armour stand]].
{{Infobox Bonuses
|attack_range = 1
|tier = 87
|degrades = 60000
|requirements = {{sc|attack|87}}
|style = Crush
|slot = 2h
|damage = 1944
|accuracy = 2287
|armour = 0
|life = 0
|prayer = 0
|aspeed = average
|class = Melee
|strength = 0
|ranged = 0
|magic = 0
|image = Annihilation equipped.png
==Repair cost==
{{Repair cost|4500000}}
==Special attack==
{{Gifresize|Gravitate.gif|250px|caption=The Annihilation's special attack, Gravitate}}
Annihilation has a [[special attack]] called ''Gravitate'', which uses 60% [[adrenaline]]. When used, for 30 seconds all successful attacks on your opponent(s) adds a stack (one stack per [[abilities|ability]], or two stacks per [[Legacy Mode]] auto-attack), which increases your damage by 1% per stack (capping at 20%). The effect resets the timer and stacks if you use the [[special attack]] twice before 30 seconds, and the effect and stacks are cleared at the end of the 30 seconds, when an attack misses, or if you switch out your weapon.
The damage bonus from ''Gravitate'' doesn't affect bleeds, and it stacks with [[Berserk]] additively (so 220% with Berserk and 20 stacks). The best way to quickly add stacks is with multi-hitting attacks such as bleeds or AoE attacks on multiple targets. The damage bonus only applies on the current stack before the attack (Ex: If you have 10 stacks and used an attack, that attack will deal an extra 10% damage and will gain 1 stack (or 2 in Legacy) for a total of 11 (or 12) stacks). In 30 seconds and without any extra hits from effects ([[God book]]s, [[Attacker's insignia]], [[Aftershock]], etc.), the maximum amount of stacks that can be obtained in Legacy is 16 stacks, but the hit will only benefit from the 14 stacks for a 14% damage boost.
==Comparison with other melee weapons==
{{Melee weapons comparison}}
|level = 87
|category = 2h sword
|special =
{{Bounty Hunter}}
{{Two-handed crush weapons}}
[[Category:Weapons that have special attacks]]
[[Category:Augmentable items]]

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