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Start pointQuest map icon
Another Slice of H.A.M. icon
Ur-Tag's house upstairs in northern Dorgesh-Kaan.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Official lengthMedium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

Recommended items:

Enemies to defeat

Getting started

Ur-tag location

Location of Ur-tag, the quest's start point


  • While on the same floor, head west then south until a transport icon is seen on the minimap.
  • Enter the doorway, head south and talk to Tegdak.
  • Use the trowel on the 6 artefacts on the ground to dig them up.
  • Use each of them on the specimen table.
  • Talk to Tegdak.
  • Zanik will now be following you.
  • With Zanik following, exit and talk to the Goblin scribe, west of the quest start point.
  • In the house just west of the Goblin scribe, climb down the stairs.
  • Talk to Oldak. You will be teleported to Goblin Village with Zanik, receiving a Dorgesh-kaan sphere in your inventory.

The Goblin Village

  • In Goblin Village, in the northernmost building, talk to either General Bentnoze or Wartface.
  • After the cutscene, go behind the buildings to the west then go south until a tower is seen. Climb the ladder.
  • Kill the H.A.M. Mage and H.A.M. Archer.
  • Talk to either of the goblin generals. (Chat 1)

Infiltrating H.A.M.

  • With a light source, head to the Lumbridge Swamp Caves entrance in the Lumbridge Swamp and talk to Sergeant Slimetoes or Mossfists.
  • Climb down the dark hole under the tree and go down the ladder.
  • With the guards out of sight, enter the small room. As they walk north passing the room, exit the room (let them see you for a second), then quickly run south and hide behind a crate.
  • When the guards are in the southern corridor where you and the goblins are hiding, run east then quickly back into the corridor to lure the last guard - hide behind a crate for a moment.
  • At this point, it is safe to run south as the goblins will keep the guards distracted.

Sigmund Reloaded

  • Equip the ancient mace and climb down the ladder.
  • Initiate combat with Sigmund. Once you reach 100% adrenaline, use its special attack to disable Sigmund's prayers.
    • Be sure to not have any ranged or magic equipment on as your special attack will miss.
    • The special attack ability can be found in the Constitution ability book.
    • After disabling his prayers, other weapons may be used to kill him.
  • After defeating Sigmund, untie Zanik.
  • Quest complete!


Another Slice of H.A.M. reward
Music unlocked
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