Anti-dragon shield (mole) detail

The anti-dragon shield (mole) is a shield that further reduces dragonfire damage and is able to block damage from the giant mole, turning it into a damage over time effect. The effect can be removed by eating numbing roots or leaving the lair.

A Crafting level of 45 is required to create the shield, using an anti-dragon shield and a clingy mole, which is a rare drop from the giant mole. The shield is created with its maximum of 500 charges. Once the charges are depleted, the shield reverts to an anti-dragon shield and additional clingy moles are required to recharge it. Recharging a shield that isn't fully degraded will waste the remaining charges.

The shield reduces dragonfire damage to at most around 100. It usually hits around 50.

Only one anti-dragon shield (mole) may be owned at a time, including those in the keepsake box.

Combat Stats
RequirementsDegradesAnti-dragon shield (mole) equipped
55 Defence500 charges
CombatSwords AllOff-hand slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour125PvM: 5.5%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


  • When a nondegraded shield is hit by dragonfire, the game will say "Your shield cries out. It has started to degrade."
  • The game will occasionally display the message "Your shield yelps." when the player is attacked by dragonfire with the shield equipped.
  • Recharging a shield that isn't fully degraded yields "You coax a new mole onto your shield. The old one seems content to nap on the floor."
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