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Antidote only appears during Dimension of the Damned and cannot be found in the main version of RuneScape.

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An antidote is used to slowly cure Zombieism in Dimension of the Damned. It is created by combining a biohazard cannister with crystalised zombie blood. It can also be obtained through supply drops.


Antidote.png Antidote
Herblore-Make-X GE icon.png
0 XP--
Herblore Herblore level99
P2P icon.png Members onlyNo
Biohazard cannister.pngBiohazard cannister1N/A-
Crystalised zombie blood.pngCrystalised zombie blood1N/A-
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Antidote (Antidote.png, Herblore, 99) +
{ "product": "Antidote", "image": "&#{ "product": "Antidote", "image": "[[File:Antidote.png|link=Antidote]]", "mats": [ { "name": "Biohazard cannister", "quantity": "1", "image": "Biohazard cannister.png" },{ "name": "Crystalised zombie blood", "quantity": "1", "image": "Crystalised zombie blood.png" } ], "skill": "Herblore", "level": "99" } "skill": "Herblore", "level": "99" } +
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