This article is about the quest variant. For the combined variant encountered in the Dominion Tower, see Apep and Heru.
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Apep, along with Heru, is a bodyguard of Lady Keli, present during the kidnapping of Prince Ali Mirza of Al Kharid. Apep is described as a tall, strong man with an eye patch.

During Stolen Hearts, the party is apprehended by Ozan, Leela and an adventurer. While Apep holds the prince in custody, his mistress deals with the trio by sending mercenaries after them while escaping in the boat. He is later seen alongside Lady Keli again during Diamond in the Rough and is tasked to battle the three same people after Keli reveals herself to be Amascut the Devourer. He is level 5 and attacks with his uraeus. When he yells "Whirling dervish!", he will do a special attack in which he will spin as a tornado, hitting and knocking out anyone nearby. When defeated, he falls and disappears into the sand.

During the fight, he cannot be hurt for over 50 health at once.

Apep is fight-able as a class X1 boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame alongside Heru if the player has completed the quest Diamond in the Rough.
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  • Apep is one name of an evil god from the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, associated with chaos and darkness. He is symbolised by a golden snake, which is referenced in the character's examine text.
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