Apollo's helmet detail

Apollo's helmet is a fishbowl helmet given by Wizard Chambers after the creepy doll is operated near him. This is part of the Mod Deg trading sequence. The player will lose the creepy doll by doing this. It is the helmet of Apollo, the monkey Wizard Chambers sent off into space.

When you "Gaze into" Apollo's helmet, you will see a dark landscape, and only a glowing effect will be visible. Like the Creepy doll, it can only be used once every 8 seconds. This cooldown is shared with the doll, should the player have gone through the applicable trading process to have both items at one time.

Using the helmet on any Goebie villager informs the player which Goebie villager is interested in it. Using the helmet on this "interested" Goebie villager gives the player a magic flute. The Goebie to whom the helmet can be given is specific to the player. This means the "correct" Goebie may be tough to find, since they may not be on the same world as the player. Goebie villagers' names (and thus, possible dialogue) varies by world, so the player may have to switch to other worlds to find them.

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