Apothecary (zombie) chathead

Ingald Belger the apothecary is a man who runs an Apothecary in southwest Varrock. He claims that he is 'quite the expert' on poisons, and appears to know of Pox, for whom he still has great fondness. The Apothecary possessed an airtight pot which he claimed was a family heirloom.

His zombie counterpart in New Varrock also plays a small role in Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav, where he is used to make a potion for Dr Harlow. He also provides a potion to make Romeo appear dead, as part of the New Varrock Tasks.


The Apothecary makes potions for players if they provide him with ingredients:

Potion Ingredients Uses
Cadava potion Cadava potion Cadava berries Can only be used in the Apothecary's hut to "kill you" temporarily.
Strength potion (4) Strength potion Red spiders' eggs and limpwurt root Temporarily increases Strength by 3 + 10% of Strength level (rounded down).
Acne potion Acne potion Empty vial Used random item in Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf quest, or given to inhabitants of Sophanem for interesting conversations.



  • If you look closely at one of the jars on the cabinet you can see a sea slug in one of the jars.
  • The chart in his shop looks like the periodic table, as seen in the image to the left.
  • Dr. Jekyll, a former random event, will sometimes teleport to Varrock Square and run to the apothecary for medicine.
Periodic table

The periodic table of the elements. Gielinor seems to have many fewer elements than the real world.

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