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The Aquanite is a Slayer monster announced by Jagex in a Guaranteed Content poll on 17 June 2009 and subsequently released on 28 July 2009. The poll asked players which name for the new monster they preferred: Aquanite, Gilidrixon, Amphibrath, Lanterwyn or Anglibian. All of the names were suggested by players on the RuneScape Forums thread "Name A Slayer Creature" in "Suggestions - Monster and NPC". The name Aquanite won the Guaranteed Content Poll over Gilidrixon by 117 votes.

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The Aquanites are located past the Kurasks in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.


Aquanites can hit up to 130 with their normal magic attack and are fairly accurate. If the player is using the Protect from Magic prayer, they will use a special prayer-negating attack which can hit up to 250. The special prayer-negating attack is used at random and it is not guaranteed to occur while protect from magic prayer is on during combat.

CAUTION: Aquanites' special attack will deactivate a player's prayers in a similar manner to the special attack of the Dragon Scimitar. It is advisable to wear gear with high magic defence, such as Dragonhide. Aquanites' attacks can hit fairly hard and are relatively accurate, but with the use of a healing familiar or similar methods, players may fight for long periods of time.

Range is a popular method for killing them, as it seems to be their weakness. Black dragonhide/Karil's/Armadyl armour should be worn to protect from their attacks, and also to give a good range bonus. They drop darts and bolts of both adamant and runite, which a player might use to extend trips should they run out of ammunition. Emerald bolts (e) are a good choice if staying for long periods of time, as the poisoning special ability comes in handy. If Emerald bolts (e) are not an option, Mithril bolts or Broad-tipped bolts may be used.Use of Magic Shortbow with mithril arrows tend to work extremely well against these.Use of familiars such as unicorn will allow a player to stay there for a good time.

A good method for meleers is a Leaf-bladed sword because Aquanites are weak to stab. Although a leaf-bladed sword has weaker stab and strength bonuses than the Zamorakian spear, if used with a Rune defender it has the 3nd strongest stab in the game ( except for pvp weapons).

Another strategy a player might consider is wearing his best magic defence armour and using a Godsword, Abyssal whip, or other high level melee weapon. The attack style should be set to stab if available.

Aquanites drop a notable quantity of raw fish, ranging from lobsters to sharks. Players using a Bunyip familiar may use the scroll special to consume the raw fish for lifepoints. The Bones to Peaches spell may also be useful.


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  • The new item that came out along with Aquanite was the Amulet of ranging which increases range attack and magic defence bonuses by a moderate amount. This item had a starting price of 1.75 million coins on the Grand Exchange. The current price is 24,389.
  • The examine text may be a reference to the angler fish scene in the film "Finding Nemo".
  • There was a safe spot for the Aquanites. If a player was along the east wall and attacked the Aquanite spawn on the west wall, the Aquanite would retreat and not attack. This was later fixed.
  • When Aquanites were released, it was possible that a player could set up and use a cannon to kill them, this was fixed by Jagex hours after their release.
  • A Wild Pie raises the player's Slayer level by 5, so they may be used to attain the Slayer level required to kill this monster. This also applies to attaining the bone drop for Part II of the Fur 'n' Seek Wishlist.
  • Previously, Kuradal could not assign Aquanites as a task. However, with the Shattered Heart update on 3 March 2010, the ability to be assigned Aquanites can be purchased for 50 slayer points.


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