Arandar mining site
Arandar mining site
Release date 20 September 2004 (Update)
Also known as Arandar Mine
Location South-west of Arandar, near Isafdar
Members Yes
Rocks 18 limestone rocks
Monsters Dire wolves
Requirements Part of Regicide
Main music Unknown edit
Arandar mapClick to enlarge

The Arandar mining site is located to the north of the exit from the pass in Tirannwn and to the east of Prifddinas' eastern wall. It is a small area that contains a notable number of limestone rocks. It is also guarded by two dire wolves. After completion of the Easy Tirannwn Tasks, one has the option of selling limestone (not limestone bricks) to Meredith at 50% of its Grand Exchange price (237 coins each).

Getting there

The mine is remote, and rarely visited except for special purposes like Penguin Hide and Seek. In addition to limestone being neither profitable or efficient experience to mine, the Paterdomus mining site has historically been easier to reach.

To reach the mine simply follow Arandar Pass south, (utilizing the shortcuts if you wish) from either the east Prifddinas gate or from the gate south of Eagle's Peak, until you reach the mine.

Alternatively: starting from the entrance to the Underground Pass, north of Lletya, go north through the dense forest. Take the log balance across the water and step-over the tripwire. The mining site is then to the north-east, with no further obstacles.

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