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This article is a strategy guide for Araxxor.
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Araxxor and Araxxi are large spiders that can be found in the Araxyte Hive. Drops include parts of spider legs and Araxxi's eye, fang and web to create level 90 Noxious weaponry. They are currently the second best two-handed weapons outside Dungeoneering, currently surpassed by tier 92 god weaponry from Telos.

Note: As of the 12 January 2015 update, the time it takes to attempt to lobby during phases 1 and 2 (top and middle paths) was doubled from 10 to 20 seconds. Attempting to lobby when Araxxor appears will yield the message "Araxxor demands your attention right now." Players can still lobby normally if the bottom path is taken, or phase 3 and afterwards.

Therefore, it is recommended to bring an araxyte pheromone or create an instance if not carrying the pheromone, as it will cause Araxxor to spawn in the combat form he is weakest against to you based on what is on your main-hand slot.

Path 1 (Minions)Path 2 (Acid)Path 3 (Darkness)
Days until next rotation: 4 (wrong?)
I died covered in acid and spiders.


It's recommended to have at least level 30 Crafting, since that is the level required to make the full Spider leg, and 90 Crafting to create the Noxious weapons.

Meleeing Araxxor will presume that you are fighting the ranged version of Araxxor. Melee provides fast kills, as both Araxxor (in his ranged form) and Araxxi are weak against melee attacks. For a very smooth kill, using a halberd-like weapon such as the noxious scythe and dragon rider lance are highly recommended. While it still leaves you dangerously close to a cleave attack, the halberd range will prevent the player from getting attacked by Araxxor's melee attacks during the first three phases. Araxxi will also be affected by this, allowing for easier prayer swapping and avoiding the random melee/magic attacks she uses. If meleeing on high enrage kills bring either antipoison or an augmented armour piece with the Venomblood perk, to neutralise Araxxor and Araxxi's poison damage, as it increases based on their enrage.

Recommended equipment for Melee
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
Head Malevolent helm.png Malevolent helm Superior Statius's full helm.png Superior Statius's full helm Refined Anima Core helm of Zaros.png Refined Anima Core helm of Zaros Torva full helm.png Torva full helm Anima Core helm of Zaros.png Anima Core helm of Zaros
Neck Reaper necklace (or).png Reaper necklace (or) Amulet of souls (or).png Amulet of souls (or) Reaper necklace.png Reaper necklace Amulet of souls.png Amulet of souls Brawler's blood necklace.png Brawler's blood necklace
Back Completionist cape.png Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal-Ket.png TokHaar-Kal-Ket Max cape.png Max cape Strength cape.png Cape of accomplishment (Strength or Defence cape are recommended for their perks) N/A
Body Malevolent cuirass.png Malevolent cuirass Superior Vesta's Chainbody.png Superior Vesta's Chainbody Refined Anima Core Body of Zaros.png Refined Anima Core Body of Zaros Torva platebody.png Torva platebody Anima Core Body of Zaros.png Anima Core Body of Zaros
Legs Malevolent greaves.png Malevolent greaves Superior Vesta's plateskirt.png Superior Vesta's plateskirt Refined Anima Core Legs of Zaros.png Refined Anima Core Legs of Zaros Torva platelegs.png Torva platelegs Anima Core Legs of Zaros.png Anima Core Legs of Zaros
Main hand Khopesh of Tumeken.png Khopesh of Tumeken Drygore longsword.png Drygore weaponry Elite tetsu katana.png Elite tetsu katana Blade of Nymora.png Blade of Nymora Tetsu katana.png Tetsu katana
Two-handed weapon Noxious scythe.png Noxious scythe Zaros godsword.png Zaros godsword Dragon Rider lance.png Dragon Rider lance Attuned crystal halberd.png Attuned crystal halberd Superior Vesta's spear.png Superior Vesta's spear
Off-hand weapon Khopesh of Elidinis.png Khopesh of Elidinis Off-hand drygore longsword.png Drygore weaponry Elite tetsu wakizashi.png Elite tetsu wakizashi Blade of Avaryss.png Blade of Avaryss Tetsu wakizashi.png Tetsu wakizashi
Off-hand weapon Malevolent kiteshield.png Malevolent kiteshield Attuned crystal shield.png Attuned crystal shield Chaotic kiteshield.png Chaotic kiteshield Divine spirit shield.png Divine spirit shield Bandos warshield.png Bandos warshield
Gloves Goliath gloves (black).png Goliath gloves Razorback gauntlets.png Razorback gauntlets Deathtouch bracelet.png Deathtouch bracelet Torva gloves.png Torva gloves Bandos gloves.png Bandos gloves
Feet Emberkeen boots.png Emberkeen boots Torva boots.png Torva boots Bandos boots.png Bandos boots Silverhawk boots (60).png Silverhawk boots Steadfast boots.png Steadfast boots
Ring Asylum surgeon's ring.png Asylum surgeon's ring Ring of death.png Ring of death Warrior ring (i).png Warrior ring (i) Sixth-Age circuit.png Sixth-Age circuit / Onyx ring (i).png Onyx ring (i) Warrior ring.png Warrior ring
Aura Berserker aura.png Berserker aura Supreme brawler aura.png Supreme brawler aura Dark magic aura.png Dark magic aura Supreme invigorate aura.png Supreme invigorate aura Vampyrism aura.png Vampyrism aura
Pocket Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism.png Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism Illuminated Book of Law.png Illuminated god book Superior scrimshaw of attack.png Superior scrimshaw of attack Scrimshaw of vampyrism.png Scrimshaw of vampyrism Sign of life.png Sign of life / Sign of death.png Sign of death

Ranged is recommended for beginners or when dealing with high enrage Araxxor, as magic Araxxor's side effect, stat drain, is negligible when using Overloads (and their combination variants). Cleave attacks are also predictable and are easily avoided due to the distance between Araxxor and the player.

Recommended equipment for Ranged
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
Head Elite sirenic mask.png Elite sirenic mask / Sirenic mask.png Sirenic mask Superior Morrigan's coif.png Superior Morrigan's coif Refined Anima Core helm of Zamorak.png Refined Anima Core helm of Zamorak Elite Robin Hood hat.png Elite Robin Hood hat Pernix cowl.png Pernix cowl
Neck Reaper necklace (or).png Reaper necklace (or) Amulet of souls (or).png Amulet of souls (or) Reaper necklace.png Reaper necklace Amulet of souls.png Amulet of souls Farsight blood necklace.png Farsight blood necklace
Back Completionist cape.png Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal-Xil.png TokHaar-Kal-Xil Max cape.png Max cape Ava's alerter.png Ava's alerter Defence cape.png Cape of Accomplishment (Ranged or Defence capes are recommended for their perks)
Body Sirenic hauberk.png Sirenic hauberk Superior Morrigan's leather body.png Superior Morrigan's leather body Refined Anima Core body of Zamorak.png Refined Anima Core body of Zamorak Elite Robin Hood tunic.png Elite Robin Hood tunic Pernix body.png Pernix body
Legs Elite sirenic chaps.png Elite sirenic chaps / Sirenic chaps.png Sirenic chaps Superior Morrigan's leather chaps.png Superior Morrigan's leather chaps Refined Anima Core legs of Zamorak.png Refined Anima Core legs of Zamorak Elite Robin Hood tights.png Elite Robin Hood tights Pernix chaps.png Pernix chaps
Main hand Blightbound crossbow.png Blightbound crossbow Ascension crossbow.png Ascension crossbow Elite Death Lotus dart.png Elite Death Lotus dart Shadow glaive.png Shadow glaive Attuned crystal chakram.png Attuned crystal chakram
Two-handed weapon Seren godbow.png Seren godbow Noxious longbow.png Noxious longbow Decimation.png Decimation Wyvern crossbow.png Wyvern crossbow Attuned crystal bow.png Attuned crystal bow
Off-hand weapon Off-hand Blightbound crossbow.png Off-hand Blightbound crossbow Off-hand Ascension crossbow.png Off-hand Ascension crossbow Off-hand Elite Death Lotus dart.png Off-hand Elite Death Lotus dart Off-hand shadow glaive.png Off-hand shadow glaive Off-hand attuned crystal chakram.png Off-hand attuned crystal chakram
Off-hand weapon Vengeful kiteshield.png Vengeful kiteshield Attuned crystal deflector.png Attuned crystal deflector Eagle-eye kiteshield.png Eagle-eye kiteshield Elysian spirit shield.png Elysian spirit shield Armadyl buckler.png Armadyl buckler
Ammo/Spell Ruby bakriminel bolts (e) 5.png Ruby bakriminel bolts (e) Blight bolts 5.png Blight bolts Ascension bolts 4.png Ascension bolts / Araxyte arrow 5.png Araxyte arrow Wyvern spines 5.png Wyvern spines Royal bolts 5.png Royal bolts
Gloves Nightmare gauntlets.png Nightmare gauntlets Swift gloves (white).png Swift gloves Ascension grips.png Ascension grips Deathtouch bracelet.png Deathtouch bracelet Pernix gloves.png Pernix gloves
Feet Flarefrost boots.png Flarefrost boots Elite ranger boots.png Elite ranger boots Pernix boots.png Pernix boots Armadyl boots.png Armadyl boots Silverhawk boots (60).png Silverhawk boots
Ring Asylum surgeon's ring.png Asylum surgeon's ring Ring of death.png Ring of death Archers' ring (i).png Archers' ring (i) Sixth-Age circuit.png Sixth-Age circuit / Onyx ring (i).png Onyx ring (i) Archers' ring.png Archers' ring
Aura Reckless aura.png Reckless aura Sharpshooter aura.png Sharpshooter aura Dark magic aura.png Dark magic aura Supreme invigorate aura.png Supreme invigorate aura Inspiration aura.png Inspiration aura
Pocket Superior scrimshaw of cruelty.png Superior scrimshaw of cruelty Illuminated Book of Law.png Illuminated god book Superior scrimshaw of ranging.png Superior scrimshaw of ranging Scrimshaw of cruelty.png Scrimshaw of cruelty Sign of life.png Sign of life / Sign of death.png Sign of death

Magic is seldom used at Araxxor, as while he is weak to magic, his melee attacks will occasionally damage the player with a classless bleed that increases with enrage. In addition, Araxxi is strong against magical attacks, which means your attacks will miss more often; however, usage of the Maniacal aura will give reasonable accuracy rates.

Recommended equipment for Magic
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
Head Tectonic mask.png Tectonic mask Superior Zuriel's hood.png Superior Zuriel's hood Refined Anima Core helm of Seren.png Refined Anima Core helm of Seren Virtus mask.png Virtus mask Anima Core helm of Seren.png Anima Core helm of Seren
Neck Reaper necklace (or).png Reaper necklace (or) Amulet of souls (or).png Amulet of souls (or) Reaper necklace.png Reaper necklace Amulet of souls.png Amulet of souls Arcane blood necklace.png Arcane blood necklace
Back Completionist cape.png Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal-Mej.png TokHaar-Kal-Mej Saradomin cape.png God cape Max cape.png Max cape Defence cape.png Cape of accomplishment (Defence cape is recommended for the perk)
Body Tectonic robe top.png Tectonic robe top Superior Zuriel's robe top.png Superior Zuriel's robe top Refined Anima Core body of Seren.png Refined Anima Core body of Seren Virtus robe top.png Virtus robe top Anima Core body of Seren.png Anima Core body of Seren
Legs Tectonic robe bottom.png Tectonic robe bottom Superior Zuriel's robe bottom.png Superior Zuriel's robe bottom Refined Anima Core legs of Seren.png Refined Anima Core legs of Seren Virtus robe legs.png Virtus robe legs Anima Core legs of Seren.png Anima Core legs of Seren
Main hand Wand of the praesul.png Wand of the praesul Seismic wand.png Seismic wand Elite seasinger kiba.png Elite seasinger kiba Wand of the Cywir elders.png Wand of the Cywir elders Seasinger kiba.png Seasinger kiba
Two-handed weapon Staff of Sliske.png Staff of Sliske Noxious staff.png Noxious staff Superior Zuriel's staff.png Superior Zuriel's staff Obliteration.png Obliteration Staff of darkness.png Staff of darkness / Camel staff.png Camel staff
Off-hand weapon Imperium core.png Imperium core Seismic singularity.png Seismic singularity Elite seasinger makigai.png Elite seasinger makigai Orb of the Cywir elders.png Orb of the Cywir elders Seasinger makigai.png Seasinger makigai
Off-hand weapon Merciless kiteshield.png Merciless kiteshield Attuned crystal ward.png Attuned crystal ward Farseer kiteshield.png Farseer kiteshield Arcane spirit shield.png Arcane spirit shield Ward of subjugation.png Ward of subjugation
Ammo/Spell Large rune pouch.png Large rune pouch Small rune pouch.png Small rune pouch Tirannwn quiver 4.png Tirannwn quiver 4 N/A N/A
Gloves Spellcaster gloves.png Spellcaster gloves Celestial handwraps.png Celestial handwraps Deathtouch bracelet.png Deathtouch bracelet Virtus gloves.png Virtus gloves Gloves of subjugation.png Gloves of subjugation
Feet Hailfire boots.png Hailfire boots Virtus boots.png Virtus boots Boots of subjugation.png Boots of subjugation Silverhawk boots (60).png Silverhawk boots Ragefire boots.png Ragefire boots
Ring Asylum surgeon's ring.png Asylum surgeon's ring Ring of death.png Ring of death Seers' ring (i).png Seers' ring (i) Sixth-Age circuit.png Sixth-Age circuit / Onyx ring (i).png Onyx ring (i) Seers' ring.png Seers' ring
Aura Maniacal aura.png Maniacal aura Runic accuracy aura.png Runic accuracy aura Dark magic aura.png Dark magic aura Supreme invigorate aura.png Supreme invigorate aura Inspiration aura.png Inspiration aura
Pocket Superior scrimshaw of the elements.png Superior scrimshaw of the elements Illuminated Book of Law.png Illuminated god book Superior scrimshaw of magic.png Superior scrimshaw of magic Scrimshaw of the elements.png Scrimshaw of the elements Sign of life.png Sign of life / Sign of death.png Sign of death

Items to be wary of

  • Deathtouch bracelet.png Deathtouch bracelet - While this item provides the best offensive stats in its slot (tied with the power gloves), its passive effect can cause unnecessary amounts of damage. Every attack (including typeless damage) has a chance to reflect damage back to the spiders. This includes the damage reflected off of web shields. Small mistakes can escalate quickly, as the damage reflected back by the web can be much higher than the damage dealt. Accidentally attacking during this time could snowball into large amounts of damage.
  • Dark magic aura.png Dark magic aura - While this aura is good for its amount of damage it can inflict over time, this effect can go off when Araxxor uses his web shield causing unnecessary damage to the player.
  • Crackling.png
    Crackling - Great armour perk for the additional damage it provides during the fight, but perk activation is triggered randomly, which can deal heavy damage on higher enrages.
  • Aftershock.png
    Aftershock - Weapon perk which activates after dealing 50,000 damage, an untimely aftershock activation can damage you during Araxxor's web shield.


Malevolent kiteshield.pngSupreme overload potion (6).pngReplenishment potion (6).pngAntipoison++ (4).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
Saradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSaradomin brew flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
Rocktail.pngRocktail.pngRocktail.pngLuck of the dwarves.png
Enhanced Excalibur.pngRing of vigour.pngAugmented Sunspear (ranged).pngPack yak pouch.png


A player taking damage from Arraxor's cocoon attack

Standard attacks

The primary combat style Araxxor uses is shown by the colour its legs are tipped in. A red tip indicates it only uses melee attacks, a green tip indicates ranged/melee attacks and a blue tip indicates magic/melee attacks. The special abilities from these standard attacks occur randomly. In a duo, ranged and magic attacks will bounce if players are close to each other. The standard attacks have a maximum hit of around 1100 if Araxxor has 0% enrage, but can deal over 3000 if his rage is higher.

Araxxor's melee form will take notice of Soul Split, and if it is active when he attacks, he will heal himself for a slight amount of life points based on the damage he deals. His other forms don't seem to take notice of this with auto-attacks.

The special effects from these attacks only occur on Araxxor's dominant combat style, and any can occur when fighting Araxxi.

  • Magic: Araxxor/Araxxi spits a large ball of acid towards the player. This attack can drain overloads and then combat stats and run energy. This effect is negligible at lower enrages.
  • Melee: Araxxor/Araxxi smashes its legs at the player, dealing melee damage. This attack can cause typeless extra bleed damage. Only Araxxor is able to utilise the bleed effect; Araxxi is unable to do so.
    • Araxxor can use this attack no matter what his primary style is if you are within melee range.
    • If fighting Araxxor in his melee form, his melee attack will have an attack range of 3–4 spaces for balancing reasons.
    • Bleeds can be cleared with Freedom; however, it's not recommended to do so unless it is dealt right before a special attack.
  • Ranged: Araxxor/Araxxi launches a ball of spider silk at the player. It can cause poison anywhere from 100–2000 damage. If the Poison Purge aura is used, it will heal the damage, but will also take off 1 minute of the aura. The timers for antipoison potions are reduced.
    • The green "You have been poisoned!" message does not appear if you become poisoned by Araxxor/Araxxi's ranged attack, so pay attention to the colour of your life points icon.

Special attacks

Araxxor about to use his cleave attack

These special attacks can be used on any phase. It should be noted that Araxxor will never repeat its special attacks back-to-back on the first 2 phases. If fought in a duo, all effects are doubled; this means that a cleave that would deal 4000 damage in a solo fight would deal 8000 in a duo. Araxxor/Araxxi's "rage" also affects damage from cocoon, cobweb and cleave attacks.

In a duo, Araxxor's cleave only targets the player he is attacking, while cocoons affect both players. He will rotate between players after using his cleave/cocoon attacks.

  • Cocoon: Five small spiders rush at the player, trapping them in a cocoon. To struggle free, you must click rapidly. If you fail to free yourself in time, Araxxor/Araxxi will stop reinforcing the cocoon and attack normally, while the player will take massive damage from the cocoon. This attack does 200 damage per tick, and damage increases by 10 for every 5% rage gained throughout the fight. Using Freedom/Anticipate will reduce the amount of clicks needed to break free to two clicks. (four clicks for duo)
    • This attack will remove the effects of Barricade, Devotion, Debilitate and Resonance, as well as resetting their cooldown.
  • Cleave: Araxxor/Araxxi bends its front four legs and then swipes the area in front of him, dealing massive damage (around 4000 at 0% rage) and will deal up to 2,000 damage on familiars. If you are not within melee range, you will be dragged to the spider. If Freedom or Anticipation are active, you will not be dragged. The damage players take from a cleave only occurs within up to 2 spaces from the area the spider cleaved.
    • This attack only does damage to the player within Araxxor's two spaces, but for familiars/spiders, will deal damage from a distance.
    • It is recommended to hide familiar options through the game settings menu so players do not accidentally click on their familiars or pets when trying to run away from the cleave.
    • Note that after a hidden update, the cleave will deal melee damage towards familiars and spiders. It will still deal classless damage against players.
    • The cleave's damage against familiars is based on how far it was when they were hit by the cleave. The further they are the less damage they will take.

Araxxor healing from his web shield

  • Cobweb: A large cobweb encases Araxxor/Araxxi, healing 1% (1000) of the spider's maximum life points five times (2% (2000) if duoing). It acts in a manner similar to Reflect, reducing damage dealt to the spider by half and reflecting a similar amount to the player. The reflect damage dealt is random, but will deal damage slightly lower or higher than the damage you deal to it. Higher enrage greatly increases the amount of damage reflected back, even if the player did very little damage.
    • Utilising a shield, player can use Resonance followed by a single strong attack.
      • A more difficult technique to use is to use an ability that has high damage then switch to a shield and activate Resonance just as your attack hits Araxxor. This is significantly harder to do with a 2-handed weapon. Note that attempting to heal with a 2-handed weapons requires a "slow" ability (e.g Sonic Wave, as Wrack is too fast). Those using a one-handed weapon can equip their shield and use the ability followed by Resonance. (The difficulty of pulling this off is highly dependent on the latency of the world you play on.)
    • Using a damage over time attack like Fragmentation shot will prevent the heal while minimising the damage reflected back; it's best to use Reflect with it on high enrage.
  • Autoheal: If Araxxor's health reaches 0 during phases one and two, the spiders above will "refuse to let him die", healing him back to 5,000 life points.

Araxxor's bomb attack.png

  • Egg drop: During phases 2 and 3, spiders will drop two or three eggs near Araxxor. The explosive can hit up to five targets, but eggs will have higher priority than the spiders. The player, Araxxor and highly acidic spiders are not valid targets for damage reduction from the fireball. If there are no valid targets within range of the player, they will take 3000 damage. The damage is reduced by 900 for valid targets affected by the explosion; 2100, 1200, 300 damage for one, two and three targets respectively. If the fireball hits more than three valid targets (eggs/spiders), the player will not suffer any damage. The fireball has an 4x4 area of effect range. Leftover eggs from the explosion will either disappear or spawn combat spiders.
    • This attack will remove the effects of Barricade, Devotion, Debilitate and Resonance, as well as resetting their cooldown.
  • Path specific:
    • Path 2 — Acid spider: Araxxor uses his melee attack animation and a ball of web resembling his ranged attack will fly off in a random direction, usually near the player. When it lands, that part of the ground will glow with green acid, and shortly after, an acidic spider will spawn. The spider will move towards you, and if it touches you, will explode and deal up to 32,000 damage. The movement speed of the spider is completely random; it is possible for a spider to spawn while moving one tile every 10%, or a spider that can move four tiles every 10%.
    • Path 3 — Darkness: Araxxor/Araxxi will make the area dark with one spot of light open. Staying in the darkness results in rapid damage, after which they will stop at a specific cap.

Araxxor and Araxxi use one of their special attacks after every 5th standard attack except for Araxxor's first special attack at the start of the fight or after Path 3, which occurs after the 1st to 5th attacks. To prevent the drag attack and to reduce the time it takes to escape the cocoon, count 4 standard attacks and then cast either Freedom or Anticipate. Rotate between the two abilities after every 4th or 5th attack to save time and supplies.

Rage meter

Throughout the fight, Araxxor and Araxxi will become more enraged at the player. The higher their rage is, all of their attacks will deal more damage and the accuracy on their standard attacks will increase dramatically. Enrage resets on reset time; the player must also lobby or log out for this change to take effect.

  • Successfully dodging Araxxor's charge when on the bottom path.
  • Killing Araxxor's hatchlings (1% rage plus 1% rage for each egg destroyed)
  • Letting Araxxor cleave his minions (5% rage plus 5% rage for each minion cleaved)
  • Increasing its acid level by luring Araxxor into the acid on Phase 2 (1% for every 2.5% acid absorbed; this rage is removed on phase 3)
  • Increasing its acid level by luring highly acidic spiders to Araxxor. (1% for every 2.5% acid absorbed; this rage is removed on phase 4. Each spider gives adds up to 25% acidity, so 10% enrage per spider.)
  • Enraging Araxxi once her health reaches 50,000 life points. (1% every 2 attacks)
  • Enraging Araxxi further when her health reaches 25,000 life points. (20% rage increase)
  • Araxxi absorbing leftover acid if the pool was not completely drained (1% rage for every 2.5%)
  • Every time Araxxi attacks once she is below 25,000 life points, she gains 5% rage for every attack she does on the player.
  • Every time Araxxi is killed, the fight will start off with an additional 20% rage.

For higher rage levels, the abilities Devotion and Debilitate are invaluable for reducing damage at any time during the fight.

In a duo, the rage levels are combined, regardless of who started the fight; if player A has 20% rage and starts it, while player B has 60% rage, both players will suffer damage of the combined rage of 80%.


Only one player or duo can fight the non-instanced version at a time, per world. If someone is already facing the non-instanced version, other players will not be able to enter. To get around this, players can pay 200000 coins (150000 with Instance Cost perk from Soul Reaper) for an instance which will last for one hour. After entering the arena, Araxxor will spawn and the fight truly begins.


A player burning the web to open the bottom path

Phase 1

Araxxor will spawn in either his melee, magic or ranged form and will stay in this form for the rest of the fight. If the player has an Araxyte pheromone in their inventory, he will spawn in the form that is weak to your combat style based on your mainhand weapon slot. The same goes with creating an instance. At higher rage levels (at least 160%+), it is advised to gain 100% adrenaline outside before fighting him, as depleting his health quickly is a must at these levels, as at this point, he can hit 1000+ damage through protection/deflection prayers. If you plan to gain adrenaline outside the Hive before entering with a pheromone or instance, make sure you equip your weapon as soon as you enter or you will have an encounter with Araxxor in his ranged form.

During this phase, Araxxor will only use his cleave, cobweb and cocoon special attacks. Two of the paths will be covered by webs, and the other will be blocked by rocks. Choose a path and ignite the web immediately to save time while you are depleting his health. It will take 1 minute to burn through the web. Lower Araxxor to at least 1,000 life points before proceeding.

Use Anticipation as soon as you attack Araxxor, as he may use one of his unique phase one abilities before 4-5 attacks have passed. If you have access to Storm Shards, use it and continue to stack them until they are ready to be used on phase 3.

Note: If you are doing Araxxor near the reset time, kill as much as you can before logging. Even though the tunnels will change if the arena is entered after reset time if possible, rage does not until the player logs.

Phase 2

Top path

Spider minions attacking a player

If the top path (northern) is chosen, Araxxor will have 20 spiders to spawn (40 in duo), summoned in 4 waves, shown by spiders fleeing Araxxor. There are 3 combat spiders: bladed is melee; spitting is ranged; imbued is magic. There are also two support spiders: Pulsing spiders constantly heal Araxxor for 5,000 life points every 5 seconds; mirrorback spiders absorb damage taken by Araxxor and reflect it back on the player. Araxxor uses his egg drop ability much more frequently on this path compared to the other two, using it alternating with one of his other abilities (cocoon, cleave, cobweb, assistance).

The appearance of the spiders is semi-random, but the order is not. For solo encounters, Araxxor will first call for two combat spiders, a support spider, and finally two more combat spiders. In the second wave, a combat spider, then a support spider, and finally three more combat spiders will appear.In the third wave, first spawn will be a support spider, followed by four combat spiders. In the final wave, only five combat spiders will spawn. Prioritize support spiders as they will significantly hinder your progress against Araxxor. Mirrorback spiders are the highest priority, as it is possible to kill yourself by unleashing highly damaging attacks against Araxxor, which the mirrorback takes and reflects back at you. If you need to eat to keep your health up, this can be done without losing adrenaline after killing one of the minions, or by getting out of combat. To keep damage low, usage of Devotion will temporarily protect the player from Araxxor's attacks and any spiders using the same combat style as him. Kill off any spiders that are not using the combat style Araxxor is using to reduce more damage and increase the duration of Devotion. Note that Araxxor will use his egg drop attack after five auto-attacks, which will remove the effects of Devotion. As Devotion will not be ready for the next set, Debilitate or Reflect should be used to counter the next set of reinforcements.

Phase 3 can be advanced to at any time by continuing down the path; however, it is recommended to deplete 75% of the reinforcements (as the last set has no support spiders) and reduce his health to 2,000. While Araxxor is typically able to summon all the spiders on this phase, if he is unable to, it is best to continue to the next phase to save some food.

Middle path

Araxxor leaking acid on to the bridge

In the middle path, Araxxor must be lured to the pool of acid in the centre to absorb it, then use his acid to collapse a ramp. There are 100 units of acid, or 200 in duo, and it is recommended to allow Araxxor to absorb it all before continuing (for faster kills, it is possible to have araxxor absorb 55 units of acid and move up the ramp. This is recommended if your dps is high and you're able to get araxxor to 0 lifepoints within phase 2). During this phase, he will not use his cocoon attack. Instead, it is replaced with the ability to spawn an acidic spider, which must be avoided until it explodes or it will deal up to 32,000 damage at the player. The spider will usually deal 32,000 damage, but occasionally it may deal anywhere from 3,000-10,000 damage, but it is still recommended to avoid them.

This path is particularly dangerous because of the acidic spiders, which may spawn around Araxxor or the player, and for a short duration, increased accuracy and damage. Despite the increased dangers of this path, it is also one of the fastest if done properly. Surge and Escape can be helpful in avoiding spiders, although the latter should be used if there is enough space behind the player. It is advised to watch Araxxor after every 5 standard attacks; if the player does not get cleaved, or if Araxxor doesn't cobweb/egg drop, an acidic spider is on the way. Shield abilities like Barricade and Immortality will ensure survival from an acidic spider.

An acidic spider exploding and killing a player

To start off this path, lure Araxxor to the pool of acid in the middle of the path. Don't leave him on the edges of the pool, as Araxxor will not run to the player and continue attacking normally. When Araxxor is lured into the pool of acid, a bar will appear under the large health bar and if he is ranging or maging, his attack range will be reduced to two squares. As this new bar fills green, Araxxor will begin to emit noxious fumes, increasing his enrage. There are 100 units of acid in the pool; you should have him absorb all of it before proceeding.

After Araxxor is completly filled with acid, lure him to the top of the ramp. Give some space for yourself so that you can avoid being cleaved. Araxxor will drip acid onto the ramp (this will lower his enrage), but for the acid to take effect, he needs to be at or near the top of the ramp (a game message will appear notifying you of this). Watch out for acidic spiders and surge back to the pool (or Barricade) if needed. If lured properly and nothing disturbs the player, only 5 units of acid should be remaining at the end of this phase. After 45 seconds in a spot where the acid can degrade the ramp, the ramp will collapse and Araxxor will flee to the next area. Any leftover acid Araxxor was carrying will be removed during the phase transition. Pursue Araxxor into the phase 3 area; if you linger (phase 1 or 2 areas), noxious fumes will choke you for gradually increasing damage to the point where it can easily kill you.

Araxxor should be attacked the entire time he is in the pool and on the ramp; however, it may not be particularly worth it to deplete Araxxor's health to a certain point first, due to the increased rage. If dealt with properly, Araxxor can be drained to 45,000 life points or less by the time the ramp breaks, without stalling at all to drain it further. However, it is recommended to reduce his life points to at least 20,000 before luring him to the ramp.

Bottom path

Araxxor's charge attack preparing to swipe right

In the bottom path, Araxxor flees to the ceiling, blocking out the light. The player must have Araxxor destroy the wall, which will have 100 units, or 200 when duoing. Regardless of what combat style Araxxor is primarily using, he will use both magic and ranged attacks.

Unlike every other part of the fight, the bottom path involves no traditional combat with Araxxor. If your adrenaline is at 100%, it is recommended to leave combat and immediately use a defensive ability. Doing so, no adrenaline will be lost even if food is eaten or a defensive threshold (as long as the player remains in combat after initially going out of it) is used. Cycling through Resonance, Preparation, Devotion, and Reflect, a lot less damage will be taken. Also, Devotion can be extended by killing minions from any ignored egg spawns and Sacrifice can be used to heal off them. During this phase, the hive will be engulfed in darkness with one small spot of light. Initially, damage begins at 50 and caps at 350 or 450. This initial damage increases by 10 per kill during that day when the path is taken.

At higher rage levels, it may be worth it taking full damage from egg attacks, as the darkness attack on such rage levels can deal more damage than leaving the eggs alone. Regardless of starting base damage from rage, the maximum amount of damage done by the darkness is capped at 1000. It is hard to find the light when playing in low graphical settings. Players who do so to reduce lag should turn lighting detail on High to make it easier to spot the light.

Having the Mobile perk and Bladed Dive Ability is highly recommended to quickly move into the beam of light. This will save a lot of time and food, especially at higher enrage levels.

While in the light, players will take no damage, and the damage they took will be reset back to the lowest possible amount (so at no rage, the minimum damage is 150 and max is 450). During this phase, Araxxor alternates between his ranged and magic attacks regardless of form, but attacks with a much slower attack rate. His standard attacks and his egg drop ability are the only things players will face when taking this path. 

A failed dodge of Araxxor's charge

After some time, a warning message will appear stating that Araxxor is preparing to come down and charge. 15 seconds after the warning, the camera angle will change to close and from behind, and you will be placed at the end of the path. All incoming damage from the darkness, Araxxor's attacks and the egg bomb ability will hit the player, but will not hurt them during the cutscene. There is a quick-time event that you must react to in order to dodge the attack:

  • When Araxxor swipes from the right, dodge right (right arrow key)
  • When Araxxor swipes from the left, dodge left (left arrow key)
  • When Araxxor's front legs are low to the ground and spread, dodge up (up arrow key)
  • When Araxxor's front legs are pointing down and close to each other, dodge down (down arrow key)

If Araxxor's attack is successfully dodged, it will reduce the wall's health by 50%. If Araxxor's attack is unsuccessfully dodged, you will be dealt with 2500 damage, and the wall will take 25% damage. Failure to move at all will deal 5000 damage, while the wall will take no damage. In a duo, if both players dodge the attack successfully, the wall will take 100% damage. If one or both unsuccessfully dodge the wall, the wall will take less damage.

Note that the eggs will hatch and if they are near the barrier, will spawn spiders that will attack the player while the cutscene plays on. Having auto-retaliate and using abilities while attacking them will dispose of them easily. Before going to the phase 3 area, find the light after Araxxor breaks the wall as players are still susceptible to darkness damage for a few seconds which could affect the kill.

After a hidden update, you will begin to take damage as soon as Araxxor lifts himself back up to the ceiling. Be prepared to run to the beam of light immediately to avoid taking high damage.

For the remaining phases, Araxxor and Araxxi have the ability to turn the area temporarily dark; they stop this after they reach a damage cap 100 lower than their maximum cap.

Phase 3

During this phase, Araxxor will utilise both the path the player took and the other path they did not take. At the start of the phase, unseen spiders will watch Araxxor's health, and will heal him for an allotted amount before running out of energy. The allotted amount they can heal is 80% of the sum of the remaining life points Araxxor had for the first 2 phases. If the bottom path was taken, only phase 1's health is taken into account. The amount of health tends to round up to the thousandth, so if his health is sufficiently depleted (less than 1000 on each phase), the spiders above will not heal him.

Regardless of the paths open, Araxxor will start using abilities back-to-back, meaning that he can attempt to cleave the player(s) twice in a row without using another ability in between them.

Araxxor's special attacks seem to be determined based on what paths are open. For example, the the top/middle rotation often sees Araxxor using cocoon and egg drop attacks; on any other rotation, these attacks don't seem to be used as much.

If path 1 is open then Araxxor will be able to summon spiders. Deal with them the same way as described above. If path 1 was taken, and all spiders were killed then, Araxxor will have nothing to summon. If there were still spiders that have yet to be summoned, he can summon them on this phase. He still follows the same order he would summon the spiders regardless of path (so if he had 10 spiders leftover from phase 2, he follows the support then four combat spider order immediately). Try to kill them as quickly, as Araxxor will usually cleave his own spiders, giving him more enrage. He will also use his egg drop and cocoon attacks if path 1 was taken. It should be noted that Araxxor will use his cocoon attack frequently during this phase, so players should keep their health high in the event he does so if they are unable to use Freedom or Anticipation.

If path 2 is open, then any remaining acid in the pool will need to be taken care of. For every 25 units of acid (rounded up) there will be 1 highly acidic spider available for Araxxor to spawn. For example, if there were 42 units of acid remaining, then 2 spiders will be available: one holding 25, the other holding 17. The spiders can be clicked on, and they will then follow the player. Araxxor will absorb any highly acidic spiders that are targeting you when they are under him. When Araxxor absorbs the spiders, regardless of the amount of acid they carry, he will heal 5,000 life points from each spider and gain rage appropriate to the amount of acid the spider had. If Araxxor does not absorb these spiders then they can be absorbed by Araxxi on phase 4. The best way to deal with the spiders is to lure them once Araxxor reaches critically low health, to minimise the damage Araxxor will deal on the player. He will also spawn regular acidic spiders regardless if the path was taken or not. If path 2 was taken, he will spawn a highly acidic spider with 5 units of acid, provided that the player did not move Araxxor out of his spot when degrading the ramp.

If path 3 is open, Araxxor will have access to his darkness attack. Stay in the light spots to avoid taking damage and those spots will always spawn in the phase 3 area. Araxxor will often use cobwebs and attempt to cleave the player more frequently if the bottom path was taken.

Regardless of the available paths, Araxxor's attack rate increases significantly on this phase. Once Araxxor's health is depleted to 0, the fight will advance to stage 4.

A quick way to end this phase is by following the same method to reduce Araxxor's health on phase 1, but also adding Shatter. If enough stacks have been added on Araxxor during the fight, players can rip off a large amount of his health since this phase emphasizes on damage output due to the increased attack rate. This should only be done when taking the top or middle path, as there will not be enough stacks if the bottom path is taken.

Note: If players have an obtained an Araxyte pet, the game may spawn a Mirrorback spider if the top path has been opened even if all spider reinforcements have been cleared, even if the requirements for obtaining Gavin had been achieved during the previous phase. Players should watch their damage during phase 3 if the top path is open as the spider does not give any warning when it appears and may sign/kill the player. This spider does not appear if Gavin has already been obtained.

Phase 4

Araxxor is killed by his mate, Araxxi

When Araxxor reaches 0 health, he will be injured and walk over to the final platform, with the player(s) grabbing onto one of his legs. Araxxor will move to the middle of the platform, where he will be crushed and eaten by his mate, Araxxi, who begins the final phase of the fight. Any Storm Shard stacks on Araxxor when he is defeated will be halved when Araxxi appears.

If the player has not killed Araxxi three times, they will be forced to an unskippable cutscene; they cannot do anything, so you will most likely lose a significant portion of your adrenaline. Once this cutscene is lifted, you can prepare up during the phase transition. If your equipment does not have the Venomblood perk, it is advised to bring an antipoison++ potion or flask for this phase if you were ranging or maging Araxxor. When the transition occurs, you may want to leave combat then use an ability soon to get back into combat without losing adrenaline. This allows you to eat without losing adrenaline untill araxxi is tagged. This is extremely helpful to start phase 4 with a full health bar with some good amount of adrenaline.

Any spiders that are in the phases 1-3 area (combat, support or just miscellaneous spiders) will automatically die a few seconds after Araxxi spawns.

Araxxi's attacks are stronger than Araxxor's and may change style depending on your prayer. When within melee distance she will only attack with magic and melee, however if the player is not in melee distance her attacks will be magic and ranged. Araxxi takes protection prayers into account when attacking from a distance, but when attacking from melee distance, she does not take them into account.

Changing prayers is the most effective way to reduce the damage of Araxxi's attacks, especially when protection/deflection prayers are used with tier 90 armours and the Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism. Araxxi's magic attack moves faster than the ranged attack, which poses a difficulty in prayer switching. Hence it is recommended to stand fairly close (but not melee distance) to araxxi, which makes prayer switching easier. Araxxi still has access to the cleave, healing web, cocoon attacks and summoning minions for the first half of her fight, and will usually use her cleave attack much more often than her other abilities.

When the top path is open, Araxxi will spawn the remaining spiders into the arena (this includes leftover spiders if path one was open). During the phase transition, any remaining spiders that were attacking the player should be killed when the small cutscene ends, as killing them will count as if they were Araxxi's minions, reducing the amount that she can summon. A good way to kill all of them is to use corruption shot , because they will all gather at a same spot. When the middle path is open, Araxxi will absorb the remaining acid that Araxxor did not take, taking in anywhere from 25 to 75 units of acid each time she siphons the pool of its acid. Note that Araxxi will gain less acid if Araxxor consumed highly acidic spiders during phase 3 (or if the middle path was taken); however, the tooltip may not reflect this change and may show Araxxi with the same enrage level as Araxxor. When the bottom path is open, she can turn the area dark for a short time.

When paths 2 and 3 are open, if there are spiders left in the arena due to Araxxor's egg drop ability, they will be called to assist Araxxi; however, this will only occur when all leftover acid from phase 3 is absorbed.

Continue counting her standard attacks and casting Freedom/Anticipation to reduce the potency of her special attacks. Due to the increased attention that is needed to be paid during this phase, it is recommended to use Revolution to automatically activate basic abilities.

At half health, Araxxi's attacks will get stronger and faster; however, she loses the ability to perform special attacks. If the player(s) are fast enough to reduce Araxxi's health to the halfway point, they can prevent her from summoning remaining spiders or absorbing leftover acid which can complicate the fight. This only applies with a large amount of spider minions yet to be called/high leftover acid.

Araxxi's highly acidic sludge.png

At 25,000 life points (35,000 in duos), Araxxi will increase her rage by 20%, drain the player's adrenaline by 50% (out of 100), and release a black sludge (2 balls of sludge in duos). The sludge will bounce around the platform randomly at least five times before bouncing towards the player. If the sludge hits you, you will take heavy damage, which will continue if you do not move out of that spot. Let the sludge hit you once and then move off of your square. If it hits you at least once, it will reset its bounce, allowing for more time before worrying about moving. The sludge can hit early, although this is due the player being on the tile the sludge was going to while bouncing around the arena. Should this happen, the sludge will reset back to the first bounce. The player should kill her as fast as possible, as her rage increases for each attack she attempts on you, resulting in the sludge dealing potentially fatal damage in tandem with her increasingly damaging attacks. If the sludge is a concern and it begins to home on the player, one can simply run around the arena while performing abilities; however, this will prevent the use of some abilities.

Every attack Araxxi does will increase her rage by 5%, so she must be dealt with quickly, especially on higher enrages.

Using an ultimate that increases damage (Death's Swiftness for ranged and Sunshine for magic; Berserk may be used, but is risky due to the extra 50% damage received. Wearing a phoenix necklace and casting Onslaught is also an option) can either be used at the beginning of this phase or when Araxxi reaches about 40,000 health. It should be used respectively depending on the circumstances; when the acid path is open but not taken and the spiders are not lured, it is recommended to use it immediately before she can siphon all the acid. Otherwise, it should be used at 40,000 life points followed with a powerful or channelled threshold so she will have taken enough damage for the player to kill her after it has ended and prevent the sludge from hitting the player. Devotion and/or Debilitate should be used before the sludge due to the 20% rage increase and the 50% adrenaline decrease once it has been released.

If players have brought along dual-wielded weapons, another viable alternative is to shield camp the remaining quarter of her health, using abilities such as Revenge and Reflect, which can help increase your damage as you get hit and decrease the amount of damage that her standard attacks do to you. This method works better when facing Araxxi with at least 200% rage, due to the her increasingly powerful attacks and the need to kill her quickly.

One item that may prove valuable during the final part of the final fight is the phoenix necklace. Phoenix necklaces can be used as a clutch means of healing back to 30% of maximum health when below 20%. Divination healing portents can also be used, provided that the player has at least 50% or more of their life points still intact.

Any minions still alive will be killed after Araxxi is defeated. Ensure that your health is sufficiently high enough, as some of Araxxi's attacks that she launched before she died may register and hit the player. If the attack is fatal and you do not have something to circumvent it, you will die and the rewards for that kill will be lost.

Once Araxxi is dead, equip your Luck of the dwarves before looting your rewards. You can right click the corpse or teleport out to leave the hive.

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