For the Araxxor boss pet, see Barry.
For the Araxxi boss pet, see Mallory.
Gavin pet

Gavin, one of the Araxyte pets.

Araxyte pets are six pets obtainable by killing Araxxi and then fulfilling various conditions. A player's first Araxyte pet must be gained as a rare drop from killing Araxxi, with the other five then able to be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions. The chances to get the initial pet vary depending on how much rage was gained during the kill (the rage from the start of a kill does not count). Unlocking all six Araxyte pets is required in order to receive the Araxyte egg drop.

Alternatively, the player may gamble the kill's drops to double their chances to receive the pet; the player must roll a 0 to unlock it. If the player is eligible for an Araxyte pet, it will be rewarded immediately after Araxxi is killed, and a server-wide announcement will occur when this happens.

After the first pet is obtained, it is possible to unlock the rest by completing various challenges during the Araxxor fight; obtaining them as rare drops is not possible. A player may view the conditions for unlocking further pets and their progress towards doing so by inspecting the cocooned corpse outside the Araxyte Hive. When the player meets the requirements to obtain the other skins, a message will appear stating that they have unlocked the skin after killing Araxxi.

They may be summoned from the follower pets section of the pets interface, accessed from the Customisation tab or by right-clicking the Summoning icon.


The available pets, the Araxyte they resemble and their methods of unlock can be found below. Note that the first pet obtained (via random drop from Araxxi) is determined based on the achievement(s) met during the fight. Multiple pet skins may be unlocked in a single kill. These pet skins cannot be obtained when duoing Araxxor.

Pet Equivalent Unlock method
Bill Bill Acidic spider Kill Araxxi after she has absorbed 100% of the acidic spiders that can spawn in phase 3. This pet cannot be obtained when taking path 2.
Dave Dave Bladed spider Kill Araxxi after defeating Araxxor's melee form.
Gavin Gavin Mirrorback spider Kill Araxxi after reducing Araxxor's life points to 0 with the reflective damage dealt from attacking a Mirrorback spider. Araxxor will need to have 1,500 or fewer life points, as damage done on the mirrorback spider deals half of that damage to him. Reducing Araxxor to 0 life points can be done on phases 2 or 3 to count for this challenge.
Lana Lana Pulsing spider Kill Araxxi after finishing off Araxxor after he has been healed for 160,000 life points by the spiders that hang down from the ceiling of the hive. This can be done by dealing no damage to Araxxor on the first 2 phases. This pet cannot be obtained when taking path 3.
Pete Pete Imbued spider Kill Araxxi after defeating Araxxor's magic form.
Steve Steve Spitting spider Kill Araxxi after defeating Araxxor's ranged form.



  • The dialogue for all pets was written by Mod Ramen.[1]


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