Araxyte pheromone detail

The araxyte pheromone is an item dropped by Araxxi that can be consumed to reset the enrage counter of Araxxor/Araxxi or carried in the inventory to guarantee the form of Araxxor spawn weak to the player's weapon combat style in a non-instanced fight (an instanced fight acts exactly the same as if a pheromone was used). It is only consumed when the "release" option is used, which resets Araxxor/Araxxi's rage. When using the release option, the player will be notified of how angry the Araxytes are at you, then gives a confirmation message if you want to release the pheromone.

The style spawning bonus will activate every time a kill is started and the item is held, but not released. The pheromone cannot be released if the Araxytes aren't enraged or you enter the main arena.

When the player proceeds into Araxxor's lair with the pheromone, the following message appears in the player's chatbox:
Araxxor can smell the pheromone in your inventory...

If released, the following message appears in the player's chatbox:
The Araxytes are no longer enraged at you.

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