Araxyte spider detail

Araxyte spiders are shiny breed of spiders that may be raised on the player-owned farm. It can be obtained by checking an araxyte spider egg, breeding two spiders with at least one araxyte spider parent, or by trading with another player. They can be raised in medium-sized pens and they prefer to eat meat or seeds.

Gathering produce from spiders will produce three spider silk for use in the Crafting skill as well as two spider fangs, as well as rarely giving a spider venom.

Araxyte spider eggs may very rarely be received as a drop from Araxxi provided the player has at least the tier-1 spider perk at their farm. This is achieved by placing an elder spider of any kind in a medium pen which has a totem attached. This is unlike any of the other shiny animals as they are obtainable exclusively through breeding or trading.