This article is about the NPCs guarding Burthorpe Castle. For other examples of archers, see Archer.
Archer (Burthorpe) chathead

Archers are guards that guard Burthorpe Castle in Burthorpe, and are members of the Imperial Guard. Some archers can also be found overlooking the pass by the Death Plateau, and one plays a part in Troll Invasion. Most archers are all busy to talk, except for those by the Death Plateau and the north-western most one atop Burthorpe Castle.

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Archer on duty

Troll Invasion

During Troll Invasion, one may lure trolls to the barricade. An archer there will shout "VOLLEY!" causing some other, unseen, archers to fire at the trolls in waves of arrows, until their health reaches approximately 20%. So far, recorded damage dealt by the volleys will vary anything between 0 and 666 (or up to 1592 against Cliff) ranged damage.



  • These archers used to be attackable, at a combat level of 42, and had the same drops as their Ardougne counterparts, but since the Troll Warzone update, they no longer are.
  • One of the two archers by the Ambush Commander, the one without Australian accent, mentions once being stuck for a week before the removal of the old security system involving coloured cannonballs, which was removed with the Burthorpe graphical update. Before the update, another archer found in the tower behind the system made the same remark, indicating that the two may be the same.
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