Archer (Conquest)
Release date 25 August 2010 (Update)
Movement 3
Damage 100
Health 100
Range 6
Cost 100
Description Archers have the longest range of your troops. Deploy them wisely, however: they can be overwhelmed in close combat.
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Archers are the primary ranged units in Conquest and can be a nightmare even for very experienced opponents if deployed properly. They have the longest range in the game, which makes them impossible to reach after a shot without the use of Charge (apart from scouts and halberdiers), and so can they be put to both an offensive or defensive use quite well. They are, however, weak in close combat, and have few life points, as well as the shortest movement range of any unit. These are best deployed with the Vigilance command, which even now can fool many experienced players. Charge works quite well with them too, as well as Battle Cry. Using them to pick off quickly approaching enemy scouts is a must, but while doing so one must try not to fall into a trap - something very easy to do. Archers however are mostly a beginner unit, and are extremely rarely used by skilled players due to being the worst or tied for the worst in all stats but range.

A good trick to do with these is to take out an enemy archer by moving yours so that there are nine spaces between them. The opponent, relying in the archer's range, foolishly moves his/her archer forward three spaces, but then realises that he can't reach your archer. One of the following will then happen:

  • The opponent will use up a command, like chastise (great opportunity to advance, especially champions), or Vigilance.


  • The opponent will lose an archer.

Either way, something has impeded the opponent's team, giving you a small lift. Players must be wary of the fact that this is quite easy to learn not to fall for after several failures.

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