This article is about the summoning familiar. For the monsters fought during Three's Company, see Arctic bear (Three's Company).
Arctic bear chathead

The arctic bear is a Summoning familiar that can be summoned with 71 Summoning by using an Arctic bear pouch. It gives 1.1 Summoning experience when summoned. It has a combat level of 84, counts as two pieces of Polar camouflage gear, gives an invisible +7 Hunter level boost and can use the Arctic Blast special move by using an Arctic blast scroll. It is the second highest level familiar a player can summon with a gold charm. Its pouch can be created with 14 shards and polar kebbit fur.

Arctic bear pouch


An arctic bear pouch allows an Arctic bear to be summoned. It is created by using a pouch on a summoning obelisk with a gold charm, 14 spirit shards and a polar kebbit fur in the inventory, granting 93.2 summoning experience. If players exchange their Arctic Bear pouches at Bogrog, they will receive 10 spirit shards per pouch.

Arctic blast scroll


An Arctic blast scroll allows the use of the Arctic bear's special attack, Arctic Blast. It is created by using an Arctic bear pouch on a summoning obelisk, granting 1.1 experience and 10 scrolls.

Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast is the special attack of the arctic bear. It can hit a maximum of 921 magic damage and has a chance to briefly stun the opponent. Arctic blast appears as a rotating icicle 'cast' from the bear's paw. The arctic bear may randomly attack with magic on its own, but it cannot stun without a scroll.


The Arctic bear is commonly used in Castle Wars and Clan Wars, and by players gathering Kyatt fur. The 7 level Hunter boost makes it a good choice for other hunting as well.



  • The arctic bear's examine info and dialogue are references to the late Steve Irwin.

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