Ardougne Revolution
Attack on the Mourner HQ.png
Civilians attacking the mourners at their headquarters.
Elven Civil War
1, Sixth Age
Death Guard Headquarters and Ardougne Castle
Eviction of the West Ardougne mourners;
End of King Lathas' reign;
Start of King Thoros' reign over Kandarin
Elena, Koftik, Ted Rehnison, Martha Rehnison, Nurse Sarah, Jethick, Carla, Knights of Ardougne, Order of Heroes Mourners, Holy Order of Paladins, Warrior Women
Councillor Halgrive
Sir Edmond
Sir Hugo
King Lathas
Head Mourner
Several citizens of West Ardougne, heroes and knights Several elves, warrior women and paladins
Several Knights of Ardougne and Heroes King Lathas, Sir Hugo, Head Mourner, All mourners within the Death Guard HQ, several warrior women and paladins.
Previous battle
Isafdar Conflicts

The Ardougne Revolution was an uprising which led to the liberation of West Ardougne and the end of the treacherous King Lathas' reign over Kandarin. Prior to the Revolution, West Ardougne was under the control of elves from the Iorwerth Clan. This was due to an agreement made by the leader of the Clan, Lord Iorwerth and the king of Kandarin, King Lathas in-which Iorwerth agreed to help King Lathas defeat his brother, King Tyras - a popular claimant to the Kandarin throne.

In return for this, King Lathas granted Lord Iorwerth control of West Ardougne. To establish control over the city, the Iorwerth spread rumours of a false plague in the city. They then falsely posed as Mourners who would take people from their homes to help them. In reality, the plague victims were taken underground to a large underground tunnel where they were slaves for the Iorwerth. The slaves dug for ores, though their primary objective was to access the Temple of Light, which contained massive death energy that could summon the "Dark Lord".

Unfortunately for the Iorwerth, an adventurer (who helped them, then changed sides after being told the truth), managed to enter the Temple of Light and activated its safeguards, preventing the Iorwerth from entering the Temple of Light for the next thousand years. With their plans thrown off, Lord Iorwerth decided to kill the entire population of West Ardougne to summon the Dark Lord. Rebel elves from Lleyta were alerted to these plans and were shown to the people of West Ardougne. This prompted a number of dissatisfied West Ardougne residents to start a revolution against the Mourners. The revolution began at the Mourner HQ, situated in the north-east of the city.

Quickly, the rebels secured the ground floor. The adventurer later went to the underground section and killed all the mourners there, apart from the head mourner who begged for mercy. Depending on their choice, the head mourner is either sent back to Prifddinas or killed on the spot. The revolutionaries placed a flag depicting a mourner's gas mask split into two.

Following this, two knights - namely Sir Hugo and Sir Edmond - arrived at the scene, demanding an end to the revolution. The revolutionaries gave them a proclamation by Councillor Halgrive giving them control over East Ardougne's army. Sir Edmond stated that they should go to the council to discuss this, while Sir Hugo ignored it. The two knights argued, with Edmond stating that the people have the power, while Hugo stated that the king has divine right. The two knights returned to the castle, where a small battle broke out; Edmond, along with the Heros and Knights of Ardougne, supported the revolution and fought against Hugo and his Paladins and Warrior Women, who were still loyal to the king.

Ultimately the Paladins and Warrior Women were outnumbered. Sir Hugo attempted to kill the adventurer, but was ultimately slain in combat. Cornered, King Lathas stated that he had no regrets and the adventurer has the option of killing him or sending him into exile. Regardless, after these events, Lathas' cousin, Thoros is crowned the new king of Ardougne.


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