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The Ardougne Zoo is the only zoo in the world of RuneScape, and is available to members only.

The zoo is located in the southern part of East Ardougne and holds a variety of creatures gathered from across RuneScape. It is also the starting point of the Eagles' Peak, Cold War, & Hunt for Red Raktuber quests and it is involved in the Eadgar's Ruse and Monkey Madness quests. It is the central location for the Penguin Hide and Seek location where people exchange their penguinpoints at Larry . The zoo can also be useful for players who train Range, Magic or Melee (Halberd must be equipped). This is due to the fact that the creatures held there are obstructed from the outside. Drops can be picked up using the Telekinetic Grab spell, although they are often not worth more than the Law rune (and Air rune if no Staff of air is equipped) that is needed for the spell.

Ardougne Zoo map

A map of the Zoo


At the zoo, there are a range of creatures that can be found throughout Gielinor. Here are some of them.

The unicorn pen can be accessed by using the Fairy Ring network code BIS. The penguins' and monkeys' cages can be entered during and after certain quests however the penguins cannot be fought. The monkeys can be fought if you unequip your greegree.


Larry is also found in the Ardougne Zoo. He is a part in the Cold War quest and will help players into in a clockwork suit if they bring it to him and right click, selecting "tuxedo-time".

Larry is also the man who you need to talk to when you want to start Penguin Hide and Seek and Hunt for Red Raktuber. He can exchange your Penguin points for coins or experience and after Hunt for Red Raktuber his role is replaced by Chuck the polar bear.

Parrot and Postie Pete

For those players that read the Postbag from the Hedge letters that Jagex posts on their website, they will know that RuneScape's very own postman, Postie Pete, can be found around RuneScape in certain locations. What most players did not know is that Pete's brother, Parrot Pete, works at the Zoo and is rather crazy about parrots. Postie Pete may be randomly found speaking to his brother in the Zoo.

Eadgars Ruse

During the quest the player attempts to steal a parrot by adding vodka to sliced pineapples to use as the voice of the human dummy as part of the ruse for the trolls.

Monkey Madness

In the quest Monkey Madness a player is told to free a monkey in one of the cages. To do so you change into a monkey. Later on a Zoo keeper finds you and traps you into one of the zoo cages. Many players also come here for fun as a monkey to scare or surprise players.

Cage arrangement

The cages are spread out in the zoo, and each contain a particular creature. It has been claimed that the creatures are organised in different cages "for their own safety", although this is unknown. The interior of the cage is designed to support the environment the creature is familiar with. As you can see from the following pictures, there is a vast difference between cages:


Monkey Cage

The monkeys are found in the monkey cage. The monkey cage can be found on the west side of the zoo, just north-east of the Penguin Cage. You can enter the cage during and after the quest Monkey Madness.

Penguin Cage

File:P hoot.png

The penguins are found on the far west side of the zoo, just south-west of the Monkeys and west of the Scorpions. The cage can be entered during and after the Cold War quest.

Scorpion Cage

File:Scorpoin hoot.png

The Scorpions are found on the south side of the zoo, just east of the Penguins.

Camel Cage


The Camels are on the south side of the zoo, just east of the Scorpions.

Polar bear cage


The polar bear cage.

With the release of Hunt for Red Raktuber, a polar bear cage was added which houses Chuck at the end of the quest, who replaces Larry.


Started at the zoo:

  • Eagles Peak

Involved with the zoo:


  • Both the Polar bear and Penguin cage hold either snow or ice. This suggests that the environment of Ardougne is at most, 0 degrees centigrade as otherwise the snow and ice would have melted, however, the graphics contradicts itself by displaying water in the Snake pit and the Unicorn cage.
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