Ardougne Sewers mine
Ardy sewer mine
Release date 30 April 2002 (Update)
Location The middle of Ardougne Sewers
Members Yes
Rocks 5 Iron rocks
5 coal rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None
Main music Crystal Sword
Ardougne Sewers map
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The Ardougne Sewers mine is a mine that features five iron and coal rocks. It can only be accessed during and after the Tribal Totem quest. It is located below Ardougne in the Ardougne Sewers.

There are 2 ways to get to the mines:

  • The entrance from the north trough a manhole (close to the Ardougne Estate agent), requiring 31 thieving to enter. (Thieving is not required when leaving the mine)
  • The entrance from the south trough the Ardougne Rat Pits minigame, requiring completion of the Ratcatchers quest. (Note that a requirement for Ratcatchers is Icthlarin's Little Helper, which requires you to kill a level 91 creature.)

Due to the regular entrance to the sewers being close to the East Ardougne's south bank and a furnace, this would be a good place to mine iron and coal for making steel bars.

It is worth noting that there are zombies (level 42) in close proximity to the mine.

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