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An argonite rock is a rock that can be mined in Daemonheim as part of the Dungeoneering skill. Mining an argonite rock requires level 60 Mining and gives 100.5 experience per ore mined. A rock will always contain 5 ores, however the player can crush up to 4 out of 5 of these ores whilst extracting them from the rock. This means that each rock can give between 1-5 argonite ores before it is depleted and no further ore can be mined from it. With a gatherer ring, it is possible to mine up to 10 ores.

The player is given a message when they have successfully mined an ore or if they have crushed it, however, these messages can be removed by the game filter. Unlike mining rocks outside Daemonheim these rocks do not respawn. A Complexity level of 3 or higher is required to find this rock whilst Dungeoneering.


  • Kratonium rocks and argonite rocks are the only Dungeoneering mining rocks in which the ore is visually arranged as veins. All other rocks contain ore in nugget or crystal form of some sort embedded on their outer surfaces.
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